Art Meets Luxury at Hotel El Ganzo

From the moment you enter the stately wooden doors of Hotel El Ganzo, you instantly realize this is not your normal touristy Mexican hotel. Walking into the crisp minimalistic design you’re smacked in the face by a huge pop of art that seems to come out of nowhere. There’s a mix of modernist style, clean white architecture, rustic wooden elements, and bold one of a kind art installations. Although these styles might sound contradictory, it flows in the chicest way possible.

Blakely Trettenero

My name is Blakely Trettenero and I'm a trained chef with an insatiable appetite for traveling. I'm the owner of the travel site and freelance writer. I've currently been to over 45 countries and the number grows by the month. From hiking to Tiger's Nest Monastery in Bhutan to diving the Continental Divide in Iceland to sipping champagne seaside in Greece my adventures are not...(Read More)

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