Artist Franz Fox Explains the Inspiration Behind His Neoplasticity Paintings

Franz Fox

Photos Credit: Franz Fox

Artist Franz Fox may not remember every  detail of his family’s migration from Cuba to the United States, but he grew up hearing the stories which he has used as some of the fuel for his painting. During travels to England, France, Italy, Spain, and Holland, he honed his art through his studies of landscape and architecture. Fox, who apprenticed with several master artists in Paris and Malaga, has created his own style of painting, which he refers to as “neoplasticisty” for the mixture and variability of elements.

Franz Fox
Visual Impact

When did you begin working as an artist?

I began working as an artist around 2002.

You and your family migrated from Cuba to the US, just before the Cuban missile crisis, what type of impact did that have on you?

I was very young and have no memories of the actual migration. The impact it had was defined by the stories and memories of my family members. My father’s brief incarceration by the Cuban government for denouncing the regime, the confiscation of all our property, the rationing of food etc., was really what translated. 

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