Artist Mitch Gobel’s Provocative Instagram Postings Cause International Controversy

Mitch Gobel is an Australian artist whose works sell for anywhere from $10,000.00 to $13,500.00. A true 21st Century artist, he currently sells his work exclusively online via social media.  He and his partner, Sally Mustang, have been pushing the digital envelope, and causing an international controversy by posting a series of provocative images on Instagram. As Mitch explains, “We believe that #SexisArt, or rather the way that we create it through our images and writing, is art.” 

Nude paintings, drawings, sculptures and the like have been considered art for millennia. Down through the centuries, individual interpretations of art have been varied and often great art has been controversial. What was considered scandalous or pornographic decades ago, is now considered mainstream. As Mitch and Sally explain, “our writing and images are created through love, there’s obviously a very sexual aspect to the way we write, but those who can see through the physical aspect and consider the post on a whole can see the real beauty and defined art in our work.”

Mitch and Sally’s posts offer a unique perspective, on the relationship of sex as art. They believe that their posts represent the very definition of art by being a creative expression in a visual and written form that evokes beauty and emotional power. 

The Daily Mail did a story about Mitch and Sally's steamy Instagram posts, some of which get removed for being a little too revealing. Between working on his art projects and posting photos of his personal life, Mitch always mixes in an opportunity to help with conservation efforts. He tells JustLuxe about his artwork, his love of nature, and what's next for the Instagram star.

Carly Zinderman

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