Big Shake’s Can Be at Your Door in Two Days No Matter Where You Live

Shawn Davis, otherwise known as Chef Big Shake, owner of Big Shake’s restaurants

Nashville hot chicken that causes a buzz from coast to coast is what Big Shake’s is all about. Until recently, however, those being able to enjoy the food were limited to people in the Nashville, Tenn., area. That’s all changed now that the chain is offering nationwide shipping of its famous hot chicken, as well as a line of its other popular products. Within two days from placing the order, dinner can be on the table no matter where you live around the country.

“We had such a demand for our food around the country that we had to perfect a way to get it to people no matter where they live,” explains Shawn Davis, otherwise known as Chef Big Shake, owner of Big Shake’s restaurants. “Now we offer nationwide shipping, giving people the opportunity to serve up some Big Shake’s for dinner, whether they are in Nashville, Seattle, or Miami. We have you covered.”

The Chef Big Shake team perfected the process of offering nationwide shipping of its food. Each order is cooked and bagged perfectly, and arrives with reheating instructions, so that people can get the tasty meal on the table with ease. Big Shake’s also offers a 10% discount for all first orders when signing up for emails.

Some of the options people can order include:

Nashville hot chicken dinner – Includes 16 pieces of mixed white and dark chicken, two pounds of mac and cheese, two pounds of white beans, and one package of cornbread. 

Jumbo tenders – Includes 12-24 jumbo tenders and cornbread.

Big Shake’s hot mess chicken sandwich – Comes with six buns, chicken breast, fixings, coleslaw, and ghost pepper mayo.

Crispy crunchy breaded hot wings – Order 50 or 100 wings, served with choice of ranch or bleu cheese.

Big Shake’s world-famous hot chicken and waffles – Includes 12 jumbo tenders, 6 waffles, butter, and syrup.

Chicken dinner pack – Includes 12 jumbo chicken tenders, two pounds of mac and cheese, two pounds of white beans, and one pack of cornbread.       

“We have made it simple for you to plan a dinner of Nashville hot chicken from Big Shakes,” added Davis. “Plan a special night for your family and surprise them with one of our dinners. That will put some smiles on their faces for sure. We have even had many celebrities either stop in or place an order for delivery, it’s that good!”

When placing an order for nationwide shipping, customers can choose their level of heat for the chicken. Choose from original (no heat), mild, or hot. The chicken used at Big Shake’s never uses hormones and comes with heating instructions. Some products qualify for free shipping. To get more information or place an order, visit the site at:

Big Shake’s sells a variety of additional merchandise, including red dust fish fry, shrimp burgers, coffee mugs, popcorn, sweet cornbread mix, seasoning salts, bottled hot sauces, and more. They also offer an ultimate gift box to send to someone who loves hot chicken. They also offer a variety of clothing items, including sneakers, shirts, and backpacks.

Big Shake's currently has four locations, in Franklin, Tenn., Columbia, Tenn., Huntsville, Ala., and Madison, Ala. Additional locations in Nashville and Tuscaloosa are underway. Chef Big Shake became famous for his signature shrimp burgers, which were featured on the hit show “Shark Tank.” They have sold hundreds of thousands of them. The restaurant has also become famous for its hot chicken plates, chicken sandwiches, hot chicken and waffles, hot chicken tacos, and more. They also feature a variety of fish entrees, including whiting and catfish. Diners can choose their level of heat, ranging from “cry baby” to “executioner.”                                                                                                                                     

To learn more about Chef Big Shake’s online store or to place an order for national delivery, visit the site at: To learn more about Big Shake’s Hot Chicken & Fish, visit the site at:

Photo courtesy of Big Shake's Hot Chicken & Fish

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