Bold Predictions Have Your Mailbox Being Transformed with New AI Capabilities Built In

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As innovators’ use of artificial intelligence (AI) continue to grow by leaps and bounds, Arrive Technology Inc. is optimistic that its Mailbox-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform will be a positive change agent – and not just for the package delivery space.  

“The world has never really had a MaaS platform before, and as AI use cases continue to unfold, we’re always discovering new ways to put it to use for our subscribers,” said Arrive CEO Dan O’Toole. “We like to say, ‘You can’t spell Arrive without AI,’ because we’re really diving deep into leveraging it for the greater good.”  

The following are O’Toole’s latest predictions for how Arrive will use AI to improve lives with its MaaS platform (based on the use of Arrive smart mailboxes at scale.)  

1.    No more lost pets or children: Children, aging parents and pets who roam beyond their homes won’t be beyond Arrive’s reach. Families who lose track of people or pets can add an alert to their Arrive Point mailbox to trigger video monitoring in other mailboxes in their area. As the lost family member is spotted, GPS coordinates will be sent back to the searching Arrive mailbox. Neighboring Arrive subscribers will be alerted to your search and asked to keep the missing person or pet safe for you until you get there.  

 2.    Less crime in your neighborhood: A vehicle is driving slowly and repeatedly up and down your street. Its occupants are ducking down or wearing masks., they may not be using their headlights. Your AI-powered Arrive point uses a smart algorithm to detect the suspicious pattern and alerts police and you to investigate, potentially stopping illicit activity. You can also set your Arrive point to “sentinel mode,” which directs it to search for unusual activity in a specific time window; say from midnight to 6 am. If the smart mailbox detects something strange, it will trigger your home’s flood lights, potentially deterring criminals. Or, your video doorbell alerts you to unexpected activity outside your home, but you don’t see anything wrong. When your video doorbell or camera looks out, what’s looking back?  You check the view from your Arrive point and you can see a stranger lurking against your house. You alert police who can more easily find the culprit before damage is done.  

3.  Confidence with sensitive items: Using proprietary software, your Arrive mailbox could have facial or biometric software linked to the subscriber. That means, only you - and we know it’s you - can send or receive prescription medications, alcohol, or other items via your Arrive mailbox. Under-age people, for example, would not be able to receive alcohol via Arrive. Officials estimate that currently, 25 percent of all online alcohol sales don’t currently require age verifications ( 

 4.    Home intruders stopped sooner: Few things are more frightening than home invasion.  With Arrive, if you hear someone in your home, you can hit the 911 icon on your Arrive app, which alerts police as well as triggers red and blue strobing lights from your Arrive Point mailbox, scaring the intruder and giving police a clear signal to your home as well as alerting your neighbors.   

5.    Remote signatures: You can’t always get home to sign for an important certified letter that’s sent your way. With Arrive, your mail carrier can contact you via the Arrive app and get your digital signature. Your letter (or package) is secured in your Arrive mailbox until you return.   

 6.    No more cold food: If you’re stuck in traffic on your way home, but you’ve already placed your take-out dinner order, you might worry that your food will be stolen, tampered with or cold by the time you get home. With Arrive, your delivery person can slip your dinner into the smart mailbox where it will remain heated until you escape the snarl.   

7.    No more “what’s going on?” moments: With Arrive at scale, you’ll never need to wonder if there’s something big happening in your neighborhood. Select the "happening now" tab on your Arrive app to get real time access to live video anywhere networked Arrive mailboxes are.  

 8.    Fun weekly prizes: You’ve won the Publisher’s Clearinghouse sweepstakes, or something cool happens in your yard. It’s all captured on your Arrive video. Enter to win “the most interesting picture/video of the week” as voted on by Arrive subscribers around the world.   

9.    Neighborhood shows: You’re in a cold weather state and it’s a winter wonderland out there, or it’s Halloween and the neighborhood has really turned out. Using networked Arrive points, you can add a synchronized light and music show to your stroll around the area. 

10. Charging for friends & family: In addition to offering drone charging, your Arrive Point can also serve as an electric car or scooter charging station.

“We are eager to conclude our reverse triangular merger with Bruush and be listed on the Nasdaq to access the public capital markets and move fast!” “AI technology is moving faster than the speed of business, which we find exciting. Right now, we just don’t know how far AI’s capability can go,” O’Toole says. “That’s a great place to be! Buckle up!”

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