Camilo Doumat On Why It Is Essential To Share Your Knowledge With The New Generation

E-commerce has transformed the world. The buying and selling of goods online have significantly altered our shopping habits and the way we conduct business.

It has also provided opportunities for individuals to launch a successful brand without any investment or real estate. All they need is a good idea and a strong work ethic, just ask Camilo Doumat.

The mastermind behind his own brands on Shopify has built a multi-million-dollar empire solely from his laptop. The Venezuelan native is now a fierce advocate of passing on the torch and teaching his expertise to a new generation of aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs.

“Early on in life I decided that I wanted to be both financially free and my own boss,” explained Camilo. “I also instinctively identified e-commerce as an industry which would provide me with the opportunity to make this happen.”

Camilio added, “Making a splash in the world of e-commerce is the dream of many but the reality of a few. A lot of people wrongly perceive it as a get-rich-quick scheme. Overnight success in the world of e-commerce is the exception, not the rule, but if you put in the hard yards and work around the clock, then there are ample opportunities to be exploited and a host of rewards to be reaped.”

As a high-flyer who made over 7 million dollars in just over a year, Camilio knows just how lucrative e-commerce can be. Yet, he also has first-hand experience of the risks and setbacks involved in getting a business up and running.

Camilio said, “It’s important in e-commerce to have the right mentality. You need to stay positive and be fiercely competitive. In the early days, you may not make a penny but the trick is to stick with it and stay focused. Too many people try to emulate a successful website or brand without adding anything new to the mix. You’ve got to be original and you’ve got to offer something different if you want to stay ahead of the pack. Being innovative and bold is always a gamble, but hey, fortune favors the brave.”

Camilo Doumat is the first to admit that being successful in the world of e-commerce can change your life and make all the hard work worth it, and that’s why he’s passionate about teaching his unique skills to as many other people as possible.

Camilo Doumat explained, “When all the pieces of your e-commerce business fall into place and everything begins to work effortlessly, it’s a rush like no other. The wealth you can generate makes all the hard work so worthwhile. And the best thing of all is, it’s not rocket science! Anyone has the potential to succeed in e-commerce. They just need the motivation, the self-belief, and a teacher like myself to show them the ropes.”


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