Car Enthusiasts Best Kept Secret: RACECHIP

Road weary motorists can now achieve the high level of performance witnessed this past May 24 at the Monaco Grand Prix – Formula One World Championship.  The innovative and easy to install Racechip will vastly ramp up automobile performance while reducing gas consumption with minimum load.  The self installation is simple. The results are incomparable.

Racechip ™, is now available on line at,,  You may also request Racechip at automobile parts stores throughout the world. The proprietary Racechip ™ modifies the existing automobiles erasable, programmable ROM chip in the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) software, a basic function of multi map technology in DTE systems.

From their highly specialized test labs in Germany the Racechip ™ Team have pioneered the eco-tuning arena.  They are dedicated to the continued development of high quality and efficient chip tuning services.    

Endorsed by 100,000’s car enthusiasts and everyday commuters; the Racechip ™ consistently achieves remarkable results for a modest purchase price.  Racehip ™ modules offer the vehicle owner up to a 30% increase in vehicle performance without altering any other component.

Over the last two decades Racechip, Inc. has created some of the most popular and innovative chip tuning modules on the market today; including Racechip ™, Racechip Pro2 ™ and Racechip Ultimate ™.  The new modern chip tuning boxes are compatible with over 2000 new and pre-owned automobile makes and models and can be tuned by simply updating the existing internal software. The software updating process for chip tuning is performed with standard user interface and will not overwrite the existing vehicle software.   

This plug and play solution and installation may be performed by the customer themselves within few minutes. It can also be removed before your vehicle’s servicing. Racechip ™ offers lifetime warranty for their modules uses the original OEM plugs and does not interfere with the automobiles existing functionality. 

We cannot all road race like this year's Monaco Grand Prix winner,  Nico Rosberg.  But behind the wheel with Racechip ™ there is every reason to feel like a contender.  

Cristiane Roget

Cristiane Roget A Life so Far Co-Founder of Vector International Pictures ( in Beverly Hills, California and Art Basil ( in 2012, Cristiane Roget & Associates are an ad hoc consultancy of creative talent and marketing professionals that deliver trackable results. VIPictures provides guidance, production support and creative services for start up products/service...(Read More)

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