Cash Refunds For Flight Delays And Tips To Avoid Such Delays

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This past Spring, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced that airlines were now required to refund passengers for canceled or delayed flights. Marking the biggest expansion of passenger rights in the department's history, passengers are now eligible for flight delay compensation with a prompt response, in lieu of previous policy which saw significant delays from the Airlines. 

Whether you purchase tickets directly from airlines, travel agents or booking sites such as Expedia and Travelocity, passengers will be "entitled to a refund if their flight is canceled or significantly changed, and they do not accept alternative transportation or travel credits offered." Beyond ticket refunds, airlines will be required to give cash refunds for lost baggage if not delivered within 12 hours.

Under the rules, passengers are eligible for compensation both for domestic and international flights, a big boost to traveler’s confidence going into heavy Summer travels. Whether you were delayed more than three hours for domestic flights and more than six hours for international flights, companies like AirHelp can help you with your claim for compensation. Along with assisting US travelers, the company also assists EU passengers as they may be entitled to receive up to $650 (€600) flight delay compensation.

The new rules require airlines to issue the refunds as cash within seven days instead of vouchers or credits. A big shift in the transportation industry which is aimed to boost consumer confidence. From 2020-2023, the 11 largest U.S. airlines issued $43 billion in customer refunds, with nearly $11 billion in refunds just last year.

There are several issues which impact the timeliness of flights as anything from weather, security, technical issues, air traffic congestion, staffing shortages, infrastructure and below can cause delay or cancellation. And according to a new report from Tradingpedia on the best and worst airlines for flight delays and cancellations, the most punctual airline was Delta with fewer than 16% were delayed and only 1.21% were canceled in 2023. The most delayed airline was Silver Airways with 36.56% of flights delayed and Cape Air with 7.98% of flights canceled in the same period. 

The report also showed that more than 69% of flight delays are caused by weather, further pricing that any of the issues mentioned above (whether human error or not) can have a significant impact on the industry. To avoid a flight delay, here are some tips to follow:

  • Fly from an airline’s hub as airlines will have more daily flights in case your flight gets canceled. 

  • Fly from a top-rated airport, those in the USA include PDX, DEN, TPA, ANC and SFO rounding out the top five. 

  • Fly early as research suggests that morning flights have the least amount of delays. 

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