Change Is On The Horizon. Signs That Are Showing That It Is Time To Move

About 40 million people, that amount to approximately 14 percent of the whole population of the US, move each year domestically. According to The State of Moving, moving to a different state is, in fact, a speedy decision and 90 percent of people move within a month.

Changing a city does not necessarily mean that your feelings toward that city have changed, and you do not like it anymore. There can be many other factors that drive you to move, for instance, you want to experience new avenues in new places, or the city you reside in does not suit you anymore practically.

Many times it is clear to you that it is time to take action - change your job, start school, or move to another city and you do it. But other times, you are not so sure and find yourself in a state of indecision.

A part of you wants to move to another city, but the other part of you finds it difficult to let go and move on, and this makes it very difficult for you to arrive at a final decision. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you should look out for the signs discussed below, and if such signs are there, then it most probably is time to move.

Your city has become too expensive

When purchasing necessities start feeling like purchasing luxuries, you know the city has become too costly to live in. Money matters, and no matter how much you love your city, there is not much you can do if you just cannot afford to live in the city anymore. When you cannot go out for drinks or food with your friends, when you cannot renovate your living space, when you cannot buy new clothes for an event, these are significant signs that you need to move to a new, more affordable city.

All you see is the negative side

If every little thing about your city is annoying you and you find yourself always complaining about the things in the city, the chances are that you are tired of your city. When you are tired of anything, you find excuses to complain about it and just refuse to see the positive aspects of that thing.

You have already made up your mind subconsciously, and now you need to take conscious action. It is a big sign that it is time to move; otherwise, you will just keep on making life miserable for yourself - who wants to be annoyed and frustrated all the time?

Too many memories holding you back

When you live somewhere, you have memories attached to the city and its people and its places. Both good and bad memories. The bad memories make you avoid things and people. You went through a rough break-up, and now you avoid the places where you both spent the better days.

Maybe you lost a loved one in an accident, and the place where that happened continually reminds you of them. Similarly, you might have had too many good memories attached with the city, and now that those good times have passed, you are in a constant nostalgia as too many people and places remind you of those times. Thus it is a good sign to move on to a new city and make new memories instead of reminiscing or brooding over the old ones.


Some cities just offer better opportunities in some fields than in other cities. No matter how much you love your city, if your career growth is being hampered due to lack of opportunities in your city and you see the growth of your career at optimal levels, it is a good sign that you need to pack up your bags and move.

For instance, if your passion is acting and your goal is to end up on the big screen, there is no arguing that Los Angeles offers much better and more opportunities compared to Texas. Similarly, if you want to make it big in the start-up scene, San Francisco is the place to be. The growth you are pursuing does not necessarily have to be career growth, and if self-growth is not being achieved, it is also a good sign to move cities. Self-advancement can be a valid enough reason to move to a new city that offers better advancement and growth.

Nothing holding you back

If you're young, ambitious, and there is just not much that is holding you back or tying you to the city you reside in, then it is a good sign for you to move to a new city. If your job is a factor holding you back to the city, or your attachment to the city ended with the relationship with your partner, who was the cause of your stay in the city, it is a good sign for you to move and explore new horizons.

Some self-reflection can tell whether you stay in a city because you like the city, or just because you had something attaching you the city and that attachment has ended. So this will give you a good enough reason to move on to a new city. If it causes you to think and it takes you some time to figure out why you like to live in the city that you do, it is a good enough sign to move because if you really wanted to live in the city, you would know the reasons on the tips of your fingers.


Family plays a significant role in our lives and can be a good reason for you to move to a different city. You could either move to be closer or further from your family. If you really love your family and continuously miss them because they live far from you, you should consider moving to a different city to be closer to them as sometimes you really need the support of your loved ones in certain stages in your life. On the other hand, if you feel that you need to get out there and explore life and the world on your own, it is a good reason for you to venture out and become independent.


Change is not only good sometimes, but it's necessary, too. Everybody needs a fresh start and packing up your life and starting somewhere new is as good as it can get.

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