Day Trips from Montreal - 4 Charming Escapes

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Are you in Montreal and looking for some quick escapades? If yes, day trips make the best travel experience for you to embark on. What’s great about Montreal is that it’s surrounded by charming towns and natural wonders. 

To give you a bit of an idea, we have sorted some of the best day trip experiences you can embark on from Montreal.


If you are a history buff who wants to step back in time and bask in the beauty of Quebec’s rich past, you need to visit Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts. It is a charming village that’s located 70 km away from Montreal, making it one of the best travel experiences that you can indulge in. The historical buildings and cobblestone streets do make this a pretty amazing spot to visit and explore. Don't miss a chance to try poutine, a quintessential Quebec dish of french fries smothered in cheese curds and gravy.


Sometimes, getting the best of both worlds is what you need and Mont-Tremblant is just what you need. Mont-Tremblant is located around 130 km away from Montreal and offers a stunning landscape of mountains, lakes, and forests, perfect for a day of exploring and connecting with nature. This is perfect for adventure enthusiasts that preferably enjoy hiking. There are trails ideal for beginners, moderate, and advanced hikers, which you can set out on after you reach the spot. Also, there are water adventure experiences like kayaking and canoeing available.


Ever wanted to explore a wine country? If yes, make a drive down to Brome-Missisquoi, which is located around 80 km away from Montreal. This picturesque area boasts rolling hills, charming villages, and award-winning wineries, making it a perfect destination for wine lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. For the best experience and to make the most out of the place, we recommend that you opt for a guided tour. Also, there are samples available where you get to try different types of wines.

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Last on the list is a day trip down to Oka where you can immerse yourself in the French-Canadian culture. It is one of the closest to Montreal, located around 40 km away on the shores of Lac des Deux Montagnes. This charming town offers a unique blend of Indigenous and French-Canadian culture, making it a fascinating day trip destination. You can set out on some guided tours where you get to learn about the history of this place in detail.


Sometimes, planning a day trip from Montreal to one of these spots can be the best thing that you get to do for yourself. Given the proximity of these places, you can go about planning some day trips around these places but the key is to plan things ahead of time.

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