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When thinking about Italian lifestyle, the iconic ‘60s movie is what first comes to mind. Decadent, luxurious resorts and lovely rides around the green countryside of central Italy is a dream for most American people, especially after The White Lotus season 2 put the Mediterranean country back in fashion. Apart from the sunny and folkloristic ways of Sicily, there are lots of other places where one can get lost in the Italian beauty and lifestyle. Tuscany is one of them. Located at the heart of the peninsula, you can visit this region with abandon, getting lost in its hills and wineries and admiring a wonderful coastline. The perfect place to experience the beauty and taste of this part of Italy is Castelfalfi luxury resort in Tuscany.

What to see in Tuscany

This central Italian region is worldwide famous for its lovely panorama and beautiful medieval towns. You can stroll around quaint castles and palazzos scattered among the hills, surrounded by the amazing countryside immersed in wineries and olive trees. This is the perfect spot where you can have a romantic picnic with your loved ones or experience an adventure on an iconic Vespa. Hiking and biking are also very popular, although rest and relaxation are a must of the Italian slower way of life. Just stroll around in your favorite bicycle or enjoy a horseback ride around wine rows, trees and fields. You can also spot the coastline, with the amazing Versilia beaches and lively towns on the sea. Then experience the luxurious stay in a five-star resort with spas, pools and great restaurants where to eat the most famous Italian delicacies.

Fall in love with Tuscany’s wines and meals

There’s something every American dreams about when visiting Italy: eating lots of pasta with a wonderful wine. Tuscany is the perfect area where to experience this, being one of the many Italian places where food is something sacred. Wine and oil are amongst the more exquisite products of this land, accompanied by amazing pasta dishes and lovely desserts. You can taste it all in Castelfalfi’s wonderful restaurant or experience some local and genuine trattoria in the surroundings. Don’t forget to ask for a wine taste in one of the many luxury wineries scattered around Tuscany and visit a local food fair in a little town. Also, always accompany your meals with a breath-taking view of the countryside.


Cities, towns and art in Italy

Tuscany is also one of the most art-filled regions in Italy. This is where artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci lived and produced some iconics pieces of art. Walk around the medieval towns for a look at the marvelous architecture and scenery. You will feel absolutely immersed in the Renaissance. For a more precise look at Italian art, visit the great Tuscany cities: Florence is the most famous, but Siena and Pisa are worth a visit too. You will discover wonderful architecture, world-renowned museums and some of the most iconic statues of all times like Michelangelo’s David. While you are here, take advantage of the quaint artisanal boutiques too. This is where famous maisons like Gucci and Ferragamo were born. Museums around Florence celebrate the fashion tradition and its history too.



Rest and relaxation: your luxury vacation at Castelfalfi

After visiting Italy and Tuscany’s most famous locations, you will be spent and filled with beauty. This is the right time to have a relaxing stay in the luxury resort. Castelfalfi offers its guests a wonderful spa area with sauna, pools and massage treatments that will give you the rest you need while still immersed in the beauty of Tuscany’s country hills. Being massaged by professionals while looking at the most diverse and immersive greenery is an experience you are bound to make at a five-star resort like this one. Then grab your book and further lose yourself in a relaxing atmosphere. Birds and flowers will be your main company in the discreet and private gardens surrounding the resort.

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A sporty vacation in Italy

If you are more of an active type of person, you will love the outdoor activities like horseback and bicycle riding, hills hiking, golf. Castelfalfi also has an all-ages adventure park and a kids-friendly area where you can leave the little ones in order to experience romantic couple activities. When reaching the coast, you could find a surfing, snowboarding or sail boat instructor to make your vacation even more adventurous. Just pick your favorite activity and let the resort’s staff handle everything for you, from booking the experience to finding the perfect way to reach the spot. An impeccable guest service is waiting for you in one of the most enchanting and luxurious Tuscany resorts. Are you already packing your bags for this Dolce Vita holiday?

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