Dream Cake - the Luxurious Delight of Denmark

Danish dream cake is well known by the name Drommekage Fra Brovst. The Brovst region of Denmark is considered to be the native home of this cake, hence the name. Some of the customary ingredients used for preparing this cake are coconut, eggs, barley, berries and the like. However, if you are disinclined to use eggs, you can always exclude them from the list of ingredients; it will not have an effect on the taste of the cake in any way. Cakes are nothing short of nightmares for those who suffer from diabetes since they can alarmingly increase the sugar level. It is truly an uphill battle to resist your temptation when you have a wonderful cake in front of you. Luckily, the day is saved by the Danish dream cake. It has remarkably low sugar content that means that one or two pieces of this cake will not harm you even if you are a diabetic. Aside from this, the calorie content in the Danish dream cake is pretty much close to the ground which makes it possible for anyone to have it without any botheration about the impact it will have on their cholesterol level.


Danish Coconut Cake

For the sponge:Here is the list of ingredients needed

Medium eggs                                 4

Golden caster sugar                         300g

Vanilla extract                        1 tsp

Butter                                           150g

Buttermilk                                    150ml

Plain flour                                     300g

Baking powder                               3 tsp

Salt                                            1/4 tsp

For the topping

§Butter                                200g

§Brown soft sugar                          200g

§Dessicated coconut                150g

§Whole milk                          100ml

§Sea salt                               1 heaped tsp

§Vanilla extract                       2 tsp

§Coconut strips                     as per the need  

How to prepare it?

a)  Preheat the oven at the temperature of 190 degree C.

b) Line your cake tin using parchment paper or greaseproof paper.

c) Whip up eggs, caster sugar, and vanilla in a large bowl.

d)    Filter in half the amount of flour using a fine sieve.

e)   Gently fold in everything using a metal spoon immediately.

f)    Do not let too much air escape from the mixture.

g)  Add the leftover buttermilk and butter and blend it well.

h)   Pour the cake mix into the lined cake tin.

i)   Put it in the oven and bake it for at least 20-30 minutes until the top portion of the cake turns golden brown in color.

j)     Take a saucepan of medium size and put all the topping ingredients into the pan.

k)    Heat it under low temperature. Keep the temperature just below the boiling point. Do not allow it to overheat.

l)  Stir it continuously for 5 minutes until you get a thick mixture.

m)   Add salt only if needed.

n) Take the cake out of the oven. Change the temperature level to 220 degree C.

o)   Pour the coconut mixture evenly over the topmost portion of the cake.

p)  Put the cake back into the oven and bake it for the minimum of 5-10 minutes until the top portion turns golden brown in color.

q)      When baked, remove it from the oven.

r)       Let it cool.

s)       Transfer it to serving plates.

Perfect match for Danish dream cake

In order to enjoy the taste of Danish dream cake to its fullest, pair it up with a cup of hot coffee or tea. It is the irresistible taste and nutritional value that make the Danish dream cake deserving enough to be included in your breakfast menu.

For other great dream cake recipe variations, please visit Femina’s website (also known by the Danes as drømmekage opskrift variationer fra Femina).

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