Dressing to Win At the Races – Cox Plate Fashion Tips

Cox Plate Fashion Tips

Dressing to Win At The Races – Cox Plate Fashion Tips

The Cox Plate Day – an exclusive sporting experience filled with people cheering for horses, riders, bets, and fashion. For both men and women, the event presents an opportunity to groom themselves and get a chance to win money without betting.

Here are some fashion tips on what to wear at Cox Plate races for 2021 so you can look like the star of the show while staying compliant with the dress code.

Cox Plate Fashion Tips for Men

The dress code for the race is formal, and this means no shorts, t-shirts, or flip-flops. Let’s look at the clothing options you should consider.

Choosing a Suit

2021 is the year of diversity, so it is time you started experimenting. Use a blend of textures and colours for your suit but focus on:

  1. Striking block colors
  2. Offset them with neutrals where possible
  3. Go with wool linen or plain linen.
  4. Go with tapered pants, not tight.

This is in stark contrast to 2020’s light-color theme.

As far as fitting is concerned, go for the comfort fit. Slim fits are for women this year. Remember to stay elegant to appeal to the judges throughout the day. If you aren’t going with a suit, tie a loose sweater on your shoulders that covers your upper body.

Choosing Shirts

Offset the striking block color of your suit with a normal formal shirt. You don’t necessarily have to wear white shirts to the Cox Plate races – do make sure the shirt doesn’t feel off. Match it with the tie you choose. Try to introduce texture into your suit and not the shirt.


Compliment your high-quality suit and shirt with a good pair of formal shoes. Leather oxford and loafers are practical options if you are looking to appeal to the judges and stay comfortable at the same time.


Choose between a tie and a bow tie depending on the suit you wear and whether or not you are wearing a hat (bow tie goes with a hat). The color should be simple. If your suit is textured and the shirt isn’t, a textured tie wouldn’t seem out of place, either. You should try to match your tie to the suit and not the shirt.

Lapel Pins & Pocket Squares

Nothing tells onlookers you are a racing enthusiast like lapel pins. Although optional, we highly recommend you go with a pin and pocket square that matches your suit and the horse racing cap you wear.

Cox Plate Fashion Tips for Ladies

Women have a large assortment of colours and dressing options at their disposal. Bold colours dominated 2020, and this domination continues into 2021, except a bit more subtly. However, you should consider wearing at least one piece of matching apparel that is not as bold.

For example, it would be a great idea to match a bold shade of purple with off-white or cream-white.

Whatever your outfit for the day is, remember to stay elegant and sophisticated. Just because you wore purple doesn’t mean you have to go over the top with it. You still need to stay elegant with your dress. Jeans are an absolute no-go.

Color Options

For 2021, go with bold yet subtle colours; this includes luxurious colors that will help you unify your clothes, such as nude tones of grey, beige, metallic, silver, or even golden if you feel like adding some bling into your clothes.

Make sure your makeup reflects what you wear. Contrasting makeup would be a good idea for 2021.

Hats, Flowers, & Accessories

Women can show their love of horse racing by fascinators, the way men do with lapels. If you have to choose between a rose, makeup, shoes, or fascinators, go for the fascinator. It has a way of appealing to onlookers, creating a unique aesthetic appeal to your dressing.

The Cox Plate Races is Saturday, 23rd October 2021. You will need to stay dress properly throughout the event and the fashion award, which is usually offered after the race.

Stay classy, and whether you win or not, don’t forget to give yourself some love by dressing fashionably and enjoying the race!


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