Dronedek’s 9-1-1 Emergency Alert System Aims to Save Lives

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When an emergency occurs, seconds matter and can be the difference between life and death. First responders, who act quickly to get to the home of those in need, are at times delayed by addresses that are difficult to locate. Dronedek has set out to help combat this issue to help save lives by adding an emergency alert system to their smart mailboxes. The mailboxes will become immediate emergency light signals to first responders trying to locate the home or business where people need assistance.

"Time can be a matter of life or death in an emergency situation, and we're working to save time and lives," says Dan O'Toole, founder and chief executive officer at Dronedek. “The emergency light system feature in every Dronedek will help responders get there quicker.”

The new alert system is revolutionary in the industry, helping those in need of assistance and the first responders trying to locate them. Those with a Dronedek smart mailbox can use an app on their phone to select the feature for support. They can choose to get help from the police department, fire department, or call for an ambulance. With one tap in the app, first responders will be notified so help can be dispatched.

As soon as an emergency alert is issued in the app, the Dronedek smart mailbox outside that location will act, lighting up like beacon to help first responders locate the home or business needing help. These smart mailboxes will strobe red and white lights for fire or ambulance emergency requests and red and blue lights for police. Each strobing light provides a powerful visual indicator of the home or business in need of assistance. The system has been designed to save precious time by visually assisting first responders in quickly identifying the needed home or business. Many first responders are already backing the system.

“We’re using the same GPS as everyone else when we need to find a location,” said David Schroeder, a Roane County, Tenn. paramedic and early Dronedek investor. “So these emergency lights and alerts can help us save lives when precious seconds count. When seconds count, count on Dronedek.”

To-date, Schroeder has garnered support from over 150 police, fire, and EMS personnel who endorse these features and their ability to better identify the address in need.

The new emergency alert system is a feature of Dronedek smart mailboxes, which allow people to receive deliveries safely and securely using a drone, robot, or person. The company has received a lot of interest in the new system, dubbed the "mailbox of the future." The devices help people send and receive packages securely and safely and provides additional layers of privacy. Dronedek also recently partnered with a facial recognition company, Scylla, to help make the receptacles even more secure and accessible. Dronedek plans to use Scylla’s facial recognition services in select phases of upcoming pilots. 

To see videos of Dronedek in action, visit emergency light featureDronedek: The Next Generation Mailbox and New Dronedek Smart Receptacle. To learn more about Dronedek, please visit the site:


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