Electric Hand Dryers For Luxury Restaurants

Ever been to a washroom, washed your hands and go to dry them and you see the following options:

Paper Towel. You know it will dry your hands but the mess! Ever wonder where does all the used paper go? Don’t mention the trees and environment.

Then you use a conventional hand dryer that uses heated air. Well. After about 30 seconds you walk away and wipe your wet hands on your pants ( for men). We have all been there.

JET DRYER hand dryers now have 4 models of Jet Air hand dryers that will dry your hands in as little time as 10 seconds. Not only that but with the latest hand drying technology, filtered air dries your hands the healthy way. This is because Jet Dryer hand dryers use high tech anti- bacterial filters that stop up to 99.5% of bacteria, dust particles etc that are found in all washrooms. Nice clean dry hands are the result.

Jet Dryer hand dryers are economical to run. Using a 1/3 of the power generated by conventional hand dryers. That’s a great saving.

When compared to paper, Jet Dryer hand dryers will save the facility up to 95% in costs and save all those trees.. That’s got to be good for the environment and your back pocket.

Jet Dryer hand dryers all come complete with a lead and plug so can be just plugged in a power point or hard wired.

Jet Dryer is an Australian Company and all their dryers come with a 3 year Parts and 1 year Labour Warranty. All Jet Dryer hand dryers are built to provide the user countless safe hand drying experiences.

Jet Dryer: For faster Hygienic Washroom Electric Hand Dryers visit


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