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Looking into the spring/summer 2024 Pantone colour palette, its full of exciting colours. The fact that the colours are influenced by the need for people to feel at home in their own individuality and showcase their identity could not be more liberating. The colours include dark, bright, and pale colours that allow all personalities, shapes, and sizes to busk in their element. 

Horizon Blue

Horizon blue emulates the beautiful colour of the sky on a bright sunny cloudless day. Whats not to love about this colour, especially for those who are not afraid to stand out and show off their curves. The safe choice has always been to keep it dark to hide away those layers but not these seasons. As we carry the stick and sing out the mantra of freedom and authenticity, its not the time to shy away from your natural beauty. 

Considering the warmer temperature coming in, we are going to see a lot of skin. In this colour were going to see collared buttoned shirts, short midi pleated skirts; some just above the knee others right below the bum, as well as casual two-piece short suits. Its going to be an exciting time of self-love.

Strong Blue

A colour that reminds you of the endless blues of the sea. I can see where the look beyond the obvious” inspiration came from. It is a colour with endless opportunities. It cuts right in the middle of a perfect blend between a dark and light shade, meaning, we can get creative. Its exciting just thinking about it. Im looking at , plus size midi dresses, structured dresses, polo tops, one-piece swimsuits, knitted dresses as well as oversized blazers.

Bistro Green

Now, this deep pale green is a safe colour almost like the new black. Whether you wear one shade from head to toe or mix it with a bright orange, I bet it would still look good. My curvaceous ladies this is a colour that I would dare you to be adventurous with as it compliments both your skin and your body. We are going to continue seeing cropped strong shoulder blazers, tracksuits, long loose-fitting dresses and a lot of two-piece matching outfits. It is a beautiful colour that you do not want to miss having in your wardrobe, it goes with multiple colours and compliments a lot of skin types. 

Spicy Mustard

When I see this colour, I know winter is coming to an end and we are getting closer to the time when we can get out and show some skin. This is probably a colour that you have in the wardrobe with mustard being a colour that has made rounds in the fashion trends. It is a warm tone that would look lovely for an occasion dress. There will be types of designs with some having a one off-shoulder design, some leopard prints and khaki dresses as well were seen on the runways. Depending on the design this colour can strike a balance between casual and formal.


My mind immediately went to Indian food ….  all that flavour ….  Im now hungry. Anyway, back to fashion trends. This is a subtle earthy brown colour that we have been seeing lately with the nude colour trends. Its more on the darker side of brown which blends beautifully with dark and light colours. One of the outfits that we will be seeing in this colour is leather corsets, long tops with a slit from the waist down, leather coats and buggy trousers. The fact that it is a neutral colour gives you endless opportunities to experiment with.

Sun Orange

Where do I even begin with this colour. Its the brightest colour of the 2024 London spring/summer palette. Its bold. Its a statement piece. It literally speaks for itself. This colour says “I want to be seen” and for sure you will stand out. If youre the type who likes colour, this is your time to show us how its done. There will be a mix-up of tops, midi flowy dresses, see-through knitted dresses, skirts, and a lot more. A one-piece outfit like a dress or jumpsuit can be worn beautifully. If its too much for you and you want to tone it down, it can be worn with a dark colour like the Bistro green or an additive piece like shoes or bags. Either way, the colour will still find a way to pop and be seen, so embrace its boldness with confidence.


Just like the Sun Orange, these bright fiery red demands attention. Red has always had this effect; a seductive colour that exudes power and passion. This shade of red is playful just like the message it conveys, a celebration of life. It is represented in structured dresses, blazers, bags, shoes, etc. This colour will have you feeling sexy and confident whether it is a body-corn or loose-fitting outfit, it just gives off that aura. 


This is a soft and feminine pastel colour that dances between a light pale yellow and a light pale green. It is a soothing and calmer shade. Its an amazing choice for a romantic and delicate aesthetic that looks amazing in the summer. This sweet colour will be seen in buttoned up floral blouses, high waist skirts with small pleats, A-line 3/4 length dresses, oversized coats, suits; this colour is represented in many designs to embrace the charm of its subtle hue.

Burnished Lilac

A pale shade of lilac exudes elegance and grace. It sways slightly to the pinkish side with a warm subtle tone of lavender. It is a unique colour that works well on its own or with darker colours. It is a colour that can be missed if you dont look at it from a close range. Despite its silent appearance, we will see a lot of designs with some structured V-neck dresses, flowy dresses, suits, and blouses.


A soft and muted pastel green that is very similar to the burnished lilac in terms of its light and calm tone. We are going to see long structured dresses, two-piece outfits with strong shoulder blazers, trench coats, as well as V-neck trousers. This subtle colour would look great on its own or a complement to a darker colour. Its definitely a colour worth trying out. 

Its exciting to see how our curvy ladies will play around with different colours and styles come spring/summer 2024. Whether you are drawn to the soothing tones of blues, greens and browns, or the bold statements of reds and oranges, this colour palette will leave you feeling fabulous in your own skin. These colours should not limit your options, instead, let it be a way to express yourself in the best way you know; that is what creates a fashion statement. 

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