Feng Shui in the Home and Beyond – Lola Tillyaeva (Till) shows us how

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The most well-known application of Feng Shui philosophy is its use in our living spaces, but this philosophy can extend far beyond interior design, to have a transformative impact on our lives.

Author, entrepreneur and humanitarian Lola Tillyaeva (Till) found in Feng Shui the guiding principles for her own quest for meaning and harmony:

Searching for answers to the fundamental question about human nature and my own being, I became fascinated by Feng Shui’s comprehensive explanation of cosmology (macrocosm) and human being (microcosm) [by how] this philosophy provides practical advice on how to achieve greater self-knowledge and inner harmony.”

Bringing Feng Shui into our homes

Bringing Feng Shui into our lives can start at home, using its practical methods to balance chi, yin and yang, and the five elements. Chi is the all-encompassing energy that flows through and connects everything in the universe. Yin and yang are two opposing yet complementary energies, harmoniously balanced in Nature, for instance between light and darkness. The five natural elements of earth, fire, metal, water and wood each relate to different aspects of energy. Feng Shui helps us create a balanced, harmonious energy in our homes that enhances our sense of peace and wellbeing.

Clutter impedes the flow of chi, but Feng Shui by no means advocates a sterile minimalism. Rather, it encourages us to surround ourselves with mindfully chosen objects, colors and fabrics that bring us pleasure and together, create a positive energetic balance in our home.

Each of the five elements can boost a different kind of energy through the associated colors and materials. For instance, the earth element relating to self-care and stability can be enhanced with earthy tones of orange, yellow and brown, as well as ceramics, stoneware or crystals. The fire element can bring more illumination and passion to your life with the color red and light channelled into your home through candleholders and lamps.

For Lola Till, chi is one expression of this “powerful, omnipresent energy acknowledged in different cultures by different names”, the energy that exists beyond the material world and connects every being and thing in the universe. It governs everything from our physical health to our thoughts, emotions and spiritual experiences.”

Lola Till’s core belief is that the key to a peaceful, joyful life is to harmonise our three inner energies of mind, body and spirit, so that we can gain true self-knowledge and a sense of connection to the universal energy. The principles and practices of Feng Shui are an invaluable guide in this undertaking and they underpin  much of Lola’s work.

La Maison de L’Ouzbékistan – curated with Feng Shui in mind

Lola Till’s most recent initiative, La Maison de L’Ouzbékistan, is a boutique gallery in Paris featuring a wonderful array of hand-crafted silks and ceramics, timber furniture and homewares inspired by her homeland Uzbekistan. Each piece in the carefully curated collections is displayed with details of its cultural context, in a beautiful space that echoes the architectural and decorative traditions of Uzbekistan.

Visitors to La Maison de L’Ouzbékistan also have ample choice of the colors and materials that can boost each of the elemental energies of Feng Shui. And from the simplest ceramic dish to the most spectacular silk wall-hangings, every piece reflects the harmony that exists between the ages-old creative traditions of Uzbekistan and the energy of the country’s natural environment.

The Harmonist – fragrance inspired by Feng Shui

Lola Till’s award-winning fragrance line, The Harmonist, was also inspired by the guiding principles of Feng Shui, along with the belief that scent can turn the wearer’s attention inward, helping them in the journey of self-discovery that leads to inner harmony. Each fragrance embraces different elements of yin and yang and the five elements and is carefully crafted to help the wearer find balance, harmony and wellbeing.  

According to The Harmonist, each of us possesses all five elements within us, but we are guided by a particular element, which is informed by the date, time and location of our birth,. On The Harmonist website, you can find out your own guiding element, as well as matching perfumes, by simply entering a few facts about yourself.

Each Harmonist fragrance is intended to bring out the qualities of all five elements to a different extent— tranquillity, passion, wisdom, clarity, and stability.

“It is when we establish a deep connection with our personal element, that harmony and balance can prevail from within and ensure a happier, more balanced and peaceful life for each of us”, said Lola Tillyaeva.

A Life in Harmony with Feng Shui

In her book ‘Be Your Own Harmonist’ Lola Till set out to create ‘a roadmap for those looking to live a more balanced life; a life in harmony with themselves and the world around them’. A distillation of all that she has learned in her quest for self-knowledge, its key messages chime with Feng Shui philosophy: to achieve a more peaceful, joyful life we need to raise and balance the energies of our mind, body and spirit; and when we achieve that strong, harmonious inner energy, we are better able to tune into, and help raise, the collective energy of all beings and things in the universe.

If you would like to apply Feng Shui to your own life, applying Feng Shui to your home can be a good first step. Start with clearing clutter, letting the light in through freshly washed windows and creating a good flow of space through the entryway.  From there, you can move on to consider every room and object over time, until Feng Shui becomes second nature.

As you begin to feel the improvement of energy Feng Shui brings to your home, you can explore the philosophy more and consider how to raise the positive energy in your mind, body and spirit through diet, exercise, meditation and compassion for yourself and others.   



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