Fine Art Photographer Karen Mussette Captures Her Guardian Angels

Karen Mussette

Photo Credit: Karen Mussette

Fine art photographer, Karen Mussette, fell in love with photography after getting her first camera at age 11. She studied photography in high school and college, and became inspired to shoot small, human moments in everyday life. Her black and white stills have been featured at art shows in Los Angeles and New York. In 2013, Karen had a supernatural experience while praying for help in her foreclosed home. Acting on her photographic inclinations, she snapped a few shots of the room on her iPhone. The images revealed the presence of her “guardian angels.” This incident prompted Karen to write “My Guardian Angels,” an honest account of being consoled by her guardian angels, with the hope of inspiring others to become change-makers. Karen tells JustLuxe about her background in the arts and her new focus on the future of the planet.


You're a fine art photographer.  When did you first get interested in photography?

I've had a fascination for all types of art since I was a very small child. I've always loved all mediums, yet really enjoyed B&W photography, both still and film. I started shooting when I was around 11. 


Tell me a bit about your work and your style?

I love to shoot "life" in the making; mostly B&W, whatever catches my eye. I would have to say my style resembles Andre Kertesz. However, allow me to remain humble while quoting this, the man was brilliant!


Have you had any shows of your work?

Yes, in New York and LA.


You had what I'd describe as a life-changing experience that led you to write your new book titled My Guardian Angels.  What was it you experienced?

I lost my house a few years ago, which devastated me. The morning I had to leave, I prayed like a madwoman. I couldn't actually see them, yet I could feel my Guardian Angels comfort me. I'm not sure what prompted me to photograph them with my cell phone, but I did. To me it's a phenomenon. And yes, life changing. 


It's interesting that it's photography that led you to this.  Had you ever had a similar experience?

Yes, it is. I consider myself to be very spiritual, but have not had any other experiences as extraordinary as this. My name in Hebrew means 'a beam of light', which I find incredibly interesting...


Why do you believe those images are your Guardian Angels?

I don't see how they could be anything but my Guardian Angels, that's where 'Faith' comes in. Believing in something you can't actually see. But I could sense their divine comfort and love. They're all about 'Love'. It was truly a beautiful yet traumatic moment for me. 

Jesus said, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God." Well, I believe my heart is my biggest attribute. Although I didn't actually see God, I felt God. Yet my iPhone saw God! 


Your book includes a list of Thoughts. How did you decide what areas to focus on?

I have been a hardcore wildlife and environmental activist my whole life, as well as a humanitarian. It wasn't difficult to find ideas to focus on. Yet, you can only sign so many petitions everyday of your life. I feel I had to do more, and still feel that way. The planet needs a tremendous amount of love and help, so whatever I can do to spread awareness, I'll do it. Especially if it means sharing my Guardian Angels story and images.


How do you feel the Thoughts are connected to your experience?

That's such an interesting question! Did you ever wonder why certain situations come to you, or happen in your life, without knowing how or why? That they just occur? I believe everything happens for a reason, that we all have our own paths or journeys. I truly believe I was led to this house I'm in now, after my mom passed away. Because I wrote all those 'Thoughts,' in this house. I can't help but feel that my Guardian Angels inspired me to write all of them.


What is the main reason you wrote the book? 

I'm tired of the lack of love we are surrounding ourselves with, as far as human rights, animal rights and taking the planet for granted. There isn't a backup planet somewhere! The whole world's outlook really needs a drastic change. 


How would you describe the book's core message? 

We all popped out with purity, love, tolerance and understanding. It's time to realize that God does not judge, so we need to stop judging each other as well. We need to stop evil acts everywhere and come together as a human race should. We are 'one.'


Find out more about Karen's message of love, her hopes for the planet, and learn more about her extraordinary experience by checking out her book at

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