Five Things That Set Mayorga Coffee Apart

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According to information published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, coffee is not only one of the most popular drinks in the world, but it is also the second most traded commodity in the world. As millions of people sip their daily cup of coffee, few know what goes into getting it from the farm to their cup. One company, Mayorga Coffee, aims to change that and the industry.

"If people knew more about the challenges that many people who grow coffee in Latin America experience, they would want to learn more and do something to change the narrative," explains Martin Mayorga, founder, and chief executive officer of Mayorga Coffee. "Once you know about the issues, you can't help but want to do better."

Mayorga grew up in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Peru. What he witnessed with coffee farming led him to his life's mission, which is to change how things are done. Seeing how Latin American coffee farmers were being taken advantage of, not being paid enough, and working harder than they should for the pay they received, he set out to change the industry.

He founded Mayorga Coffee in 1995 to spread the word about the alienation and exploitation of small coffee farmers, and how the purchasing power of companies and consumers can make a difference. Today, he purchases organic coffee from over 6,000 small farmers in Latin America and works to help get it to the people who love a good cup of coffee but also care about people and the planet. The coffee is all organic, sustainable, and sourced in direct cooperation with small farmers.

Here are 5 things that set Mayorga Coffee apart:

The company was founded by an immigrant with the sole purpose of supporting small Latin American farmers.

There are no investors, which allows the company to focus on driving value to participants in their supply chain – from farmer to consumer.

There's no sales staff, and Mayorga does not showcase in any tradeshows to keep overhead low and not pay commissions which would lead to higher prices. This helps to create greater value for farmers and consumers.

Unlike most other coffee roasting companies, they have no distributors. Instead, they only sell directly, which helps to drive value to the small farmers and the consumers.

Their staff throughout Latin America allows them to remain engaged with their producers. They are invested in the people's welfare and prioritize their needs.

“We’ve always proudly been a different coffee company,” added Mayorga. "We are not out to simply chase profits, like most. We are focused on to helping build communities protect the land, and show that we are all connected.”

Mayorga Coffee focuses on educating people about the realities of the coffee trade and how it impacts communities in Latin America. The nationally-renowned coffee brand is helping to elevate the position of small farmers. They also control their supply chain rather than handing it off to more giant coffee traders which typically take advantage of the small indigenous farmers.

Mayorga Coffee is organic, sustainable, and works in partnership with its producers. The specialty coffee is available online and in select stores. The company offers coffee bags, single-serve pods, chia seeds, black beans, brewing kits, and more. The company was founded by Martin Mayorga, who grew up in Latin America and studied International Business and Finance at Georgetown University. Today, he lives in Costa Rica with his family. Follow the company on Instagram: @mayorgacoffee, Facebook: Mayorga Organics, YouTube: Mayorga Coffee - @mayorgacoffee1358, and LinkedIn: Mayorga Coffee. To get more information, visit the site at;

Photo courtesy of Mayorga Coffee

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