Flying High With Privé Private Jet Charter

Be honest. How many times during a long flight do you say to yourself, “I’m so fed up with commercial travel, I just can't take it anymore”?

Sure you always fly “first class” but really that's nothing more than a roomier seat, maybe some warm nuts with your boarding cocktail, hot food on a plate, and a bit more attention. You still deal with the same delays, long lines, sub-par food and wine, indifferent flight attendants, dirty planes, antiquated entertainment systems, and malfunctioning seats, just as the rest of the flying cattle do.

Do you truly want a better experience? Then meet Privé, and David Mendal Chairman, Isaac Grimberg CEO, and Andres Arboleda COO; your new best friends.

JustLuxe had a conversation with Prive's Andres Arboleda recently and we asked what you need to know.

JustLuxe: Hello Mr. Arboleda. Thanks so much for talking with us about your on-demand fight service and charter company, Privé. Where are the planes based and which locations do you serve?

Andres ArboledaPrivé planes are based in various locations around the world; we have access to the entire marketplace which is over 6,000 planes worldwide.

JL : Are any attendants on board?

Flight attendants are standard on the larger planes like heavyjets and airliners. But if requested by the client, one can be put on pretty much any plane.

Michelle Winner

Michelle M. Winner is inveterate traveler whose goal is to land on all of the continents- in style. Enjoying her job as ' professional sybarite' she dutifully reports on the best hotels, wines, spas and chefs in her travels. She is past President of the prestigious worldwide IFWTWA and flys between her homes on the beach in Hawaii and the mountains of Oregon Michelle also write...(Read More)

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