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Margaret Dabbs London

Feet are often overlooked in the repertoire of grooming regimens. There are frequently more enticing, glamorous treatments on offer to other body parts that trump the trotters. Margaret Dabbs London, however, proves the exception to this rule. Globally recognized as the brand leader specializing in premium feet, hand, nail, and leg treatments and products, Dabbs’ clinics offer the perfect fusion of science and aesthetics, offering highly trained, HCPC registered podiatrists with state-of-the-art equipment coupled with a unique range of exceptional, results-driven luxurious products and treatments. Underpinning the success of the brand are the special formulations created by Dabbs herself, which use the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, such as Australian Emu Oil.

After a summer spent trotting around town in flip flops, my feet were in desperate need of some attention. So it was that I found myself at Margaret Dabbs’ flagship clinic in Marylebone one bright Monday morning in the middle of September. Upon arrival I was welcomed warmly into the bright, spotless clinic on New Cavendish Street, just off Marylebone High Street (one of London’s best bijou shopping enclaves). I was introduced to my podiatrist, Nikoletta, who has a decade’s worth of experience. She exudes an unparalleled level of professionalism and competence, and sets to work fixing my feet.

I am here to experience the Medical Pedicure, which, amongst Dabbs’ roster of treatments, is arguably the most celebrated. Akin to a simultaneous visit to a facialist and hygienist for the feet, it is probably the most thorough foot M.O.T. available in the world. The Medical Pedicure is always carried out by a fully qualified Podiatrist trained to Dabbs’ exacting standards. Whatever your particular concern - be it hard skin, corns, calluses, dry skin, bunions, ingrown toenails or fungal nails, Athletes foot or myriad other issues - all are addressed within the 45-minute appointment.

As Nikoletta tends to my toes, she brings various issues to my attention about my feet. Apparently, I have apical callouses and pitted keratosis. She explains the probable cause of each issue, and how to avoid their recurrence. I am delighted to discover that what I had feared was a burgeoning bunion on my right foot is, in fact, most likely to be a benign cyst rather than exotosis.

I am always fascinated to find out what drew people into their professions, and Nikoletta explains that she gravitated towards a career in podiatry after spending some time working as an occupational therapist. She loves the positive impact that improving a person’s feet can have on their life. ’s story is particularly interesting. As she gently and painlessly removes calluses and trims my nails, she tells me about the great strides that have been made by Margaret Dabbs London over the past few years in the use of laser to treat both acute and chronic injuries and fungal nail infections.

Nikoletta is a fountain of fascinating foot information; her passion for podiatry is palpable. She explains that calluses can yield a great deal of information about foot function, and that we tend to inherit our parents’ feet. The shape of our feet, and the size of the arch, predispose us to particular foot problems. She always addresses biomechanical and gait-related issues that she identifies during treatments, and suggests suitable solutions. She buffs my nails and they acquire a shell-like shine and recommends I visit for a check-up every three months or so, although some clients benefit from more frequent appointments.

I look down in awe at my rejuvenated feet; they are so plump, smooth, and even-toned that they appear to have undergone the equivalent of a facelift. After my Medical Pedicure, I am placed in the capable hands of Subhana, who paints my toenails a glorious shade of scarlet. My feet have never looked better, and they are picture perfect for the last few days of the late September sunshine.

The Medical Pedicure at Margaret Dabbs costs from £90 for a 45-minute treatment with a Margaret Dabbs London Podiatrist.

Margaret Dabbs™ London Foot Clinic & Nail Spa

7 New Cavendish Street, London, UK W1G 8UU

Tel: +44 (0)20 7487 5510

Margaret Dabbs London

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