High-Tech Travel Gear Designed to Keep you Connected

How many gadgets do you travel with? Three? Four? Five?  When you count your charging accessories, company phone, perhaps even some wearable tech, it adds up fast. Which is why we are seeing more and more travel gear adapting to the tech world by integrating things like accessible, protected pockets and power supplies. And that makes us happy, because most gadgets are not cheap, hold a lot of valuable information and are a huge pain to replace.

Created with portable electronics in mind, ECBC travel gear is probably some of the most gadget-centric stuff we have seen yet, going so far as to include special TSA-approved pockets and charge packs in their rolling luggage. While we didn’t have the time to evaluate the entire line of bags, we did recently take the Pegasus Convertible Rolling Backpack for a test drive on a quick getaway.

Right out the gate, ECBC’s Pegasus had a few really great features that got us excited. Firstly, the quality is very apparent. Stitching, construction and the attention to detail both looks and feels nice, and overall the bag is very sturdy. This of course was put to the test when we filled it to near-bursting capacity and then proceeded to zip it up and wheel it through the airport. It closed up easily and traveled like a champ.

Christina Stewart

In her role as managing editor, Christina has developed a keen eye for all things luxury and is considered by many to be an expert within her field. Christina has covered a wide range of luxury lifestyle topics and finds passion in international travel, fast cars, and fabulous handbags. She graduated from San Diego State University in 2005 with a degree in both journalism and English. While attend...(Read More)

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