How E-Cards Are Environmentally Friendly Compared to Cards?

Greeting cards are used in large numbers especially during the holiday season. In recent times, the number of businesses relying on greeting cards to give gestures to clients and promote their image has increased.

Any business owner has two options when it comes to sending greetings, heart-warming messages and corporate relationship reminders – either send business ecards or paper greeting cards. Among the two, ecards have been growing in popularity and one of the major reasons that contribute to their growing popularity is the associated environmental friendly tag.

However, there are many business owners around the world who still ask are e-cards really more environmental friendly? The usual answer in this case is yes, but those who are still not sure about the validity of the statement, here are few details about e-cards:

  • They Do Not Need Paper
    There are businesses that need large about of greeting cards – for holidays and other events. Paper cards can be used for a business with 10 to 20 customers, but when the numbers are more than that, e-cards tend to be a better option. Traditional cards also rely on paper and when there are a large number of greetings to be sent, you can imagine the amount of paper that will be required.
    Business e-cards therefore are a far better choice for reducing the use of paper. The low demand also indirectly contributes to less trees being cut down to make paper. In most instances with e-cards, virtually no paper is wasted as everything is done on the web.

  • No Need To Deliver
    Paper business cards have to be delivered to the recipients implying that the company sending them out become a part of those involved in vehicle emissions and air pollution because of growing traffic. If the number of recipients is large, it would also contribute to fuel wastage.

    E-cards do not require any sort of delivery so by choosing them over their paper counterparts, you get to reduce your carbon footprint. You can send e-cards to several recipients in an instance so you reduce emissions and prevent air pollution at one end and save time and money at the other.

  • Does Not Contribute To Recycling
    Promoters of traditional business cards often argue that even if they are thrown away by half of the recipients, they can always be cycled. However, they may not be aware that too much recycling can interfere with the global climate change, something that affects our lives and the world we live in. Furthermore, recycling is not done on a large scale, so there is a chance that 50% or more of those business cards results in waste.

    E-cards provide the ultimate solution to avoid the problem altogether. As there is no paper thrown away, there is no need to worry about recycling or causing damage to the environment in any way.

The above mentioned features of business e-cards show that they are really more environment friendly and have an important role to play for businesses, especially those with more people attached to the business.



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