How to Alleviate Stress and Live a Simpler Life

Let’s face it that even a full life is stressful at times. The physical and mental toll stress can take on us can be overwhelming. While you can't completely avoid stress, you can take measures to make it more manageable. At times, stress is even a good thing. A little stress can motivate you to try harder, reach your goals and persevere in the face of hardship. Too much pressure, however, can cause us to suffer mentally and make life itself feel like a burden. To start relieving stress and living more simply, here are a few things to try.

Try Not to Take Things Too Seriously

Some stress is unavoidable, but a lot of it is also perpetuated by our own faulty biases. We often feel compelled to lean into stress because if we don't, it poses a threat. When we're worried, it's easier to concentrate on what's bothering us than leave our lives up to some mysterious unknown. That being said, having a mindset that exaggerates even minor things can make life much harder than it has to be. Make a point to become aware of how much attention and energy you invest into things that bother you. Is the fact your laundry isn't done really a good reason to guilt trip yourself? Do you need to work overtime, or could you give yourself a much-needed break and start fresh tomorrow? Learn to let the little things slide. This will give you more energy to focus on things that actually matter.

Renovate Your Home

You may be thinking that renovating your home will do the opposite of relieving stress. Though it’s true renovating can seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be a stretch. Renovating can mean many things ranging from rearranging the living room furniture to adding a new garage to the house. Speaking of new additions, it’s a good idea to look into domestic lifts to have one installed into your home. After a long day, you can skip the strain of climbing the stairs and eliminate the risk of a slip and fall. While this is a lofty investment, it can make many household chores much easier, not to mention help future-proof your home for being able to age in place. Smaller adjustments to things like lighting and bedding can also have a big impact on how you feel. Make your bedroom feel like an oasis, a designated space you allow yourself to relax in.

Take Care of Yourself

Self-care is incredibly important to a person’s physical and mental well-being. It can make you feel better about yourself, make better life choices and make you a more well-rounded person. When we’re stressed, we often look for the easiest way out. As great as that sounds, it’s something you should avoid. Feeling overwhelmed may cause you to eat poorly, neglect your appearance and in the worst-case scenario, participate in harmful activities such as substance abuse. Talk to someone you trust about how you’re feeling, and if you need to, reach out to a therapist. They can provide a deeper level of support that helps you make lasting changes to how you think, cope with emotions and move through life.


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