How to Further Your Career and Live the London Lifestyle

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London is one of the top cities in the world for skilled professionals and those wanting to enjoy the finer things in life [1]. Indeed, the allure of high-end restaurants, bars, and clubs is one of the reasons ambitious workers move there. The good news is that London and the UK’s other prominent cities are full of lucrative opportunities if you're an ambitious professional.

For example, if you’re in the tech industry, relocating to the UK could be a great idea. CompTIA's State of the Tech Workforce UK report shows over 2 million people were working in the sector in 2023. Although pay varies significantly based on experience, skills, and duties, the average salary for tech sector jobs in London is £62,500 ($78,650), according to

Outside of tech, even a simple search for jobs marked as “high paying” in London yields over 1,000 results on Indeed. The point here is that the UK has plenty to offer someone who wants to earn money and, in turn, spend it on nice things. There is, of course, a gap between wanting to relocate and making the move. The first thing you need is the appropriate visa issued by the government of the country you intend to enter.

You Need to Take the Right Route

There are a number of UK visas, but a Skilled Worker visa is often the one you’ll need if you're looking for high-paying jobs in the UK. The Skilled Worker visa gives someone the right to work in the UK if they have an offer from a company that holds a sponsor license permitting them to hire foreign workers. "High-paying job" in the context of the Skilled Worker visa is defined as a minimum salary of £38,700 ($48,700).

There are exceptions to this rule. For example, if you're under 26, you're a recent graduate or you have a postdoctoral position in science or higher education, the guaranteed minimum salary can be lower. However, Home Secretary James Cleverly has stated his intention to remove the list of exemptions over time and make the minimum salary £38,700 ($48,700) across the board. Therefore, if you're aiming to further your career in the UK and get a taste of London's luxury lifestyle, this is the logical route to take. 

As the company you’re aiming to work for must have a sponsor license to be able to employ you, this should give you peace of mind if you’re planning to relocate. Of course, if you’re someone who wants to enjoy the luxuries on offer in places such as Chelsea and Knightsbridge, you might need to earn a bit more than $48,700, but it’s not a bad minimum salary to have.


London Is a Hub for Skilled Workers

More and more people are applying for Skilled Worker visas, according to the UK Home Office. The official statistics show that the number of Skilled Worker visas granted in the year ending June 2023 was 69,421. That was 34% more than the same period in 2022. In fact, the only other official routes into the UK for workers that saw more of a change were health and care visas (157% increase) and investor, business development, and talent visas (56% increase).

Once you’ve ticked off the legal paperwork, all you need is a place to stay and a plan of action. We’ve got plenty of suggestions on where to go for a cool drink or a tasty treat, such as Como Garden in Kensington [2]. As for accommodation, there are plenty of places to rent in London, but be prepared to pay. The average monthly rent on a flat in London at the end of 2023 was £1,500 ($1,900), but some properties cost a lot more [3]. So, if you are planning a move to London and you want to get the most from the city, make sure you’ve got a well-paid job lined up with a company licensed to employ people with a Skilled Worker visa.

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