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Let’s face it when it comes to nutritional supplements, we’re basically relying on friends, family and whatever the latest article we read tells us. We’re spending money on designer clothes that fit us perfectly, we custom order our cars, yet somehow we seem to be ok with off-the-shelf nutritional supplements. At least until now. HUM Nutrition takes nutritional supplements to the next level and reminds us that what’s inside is even more important than what’s outside. Instead of giving you a one-a-day magic pill that’s supposed to take care of every vitamin and supplements deficiency in your body, HUM customizes the supplements to your every need. 

It all starts with a customized survey. Just like when you see your doctor and answer a bunch of questions about your health, when you head off to the HUM Nutrition Website, you start with a survey. Thankfully it’s not nearly as long as the one at your doctor’s office, but it’s enough to give the nutritionists an idea of what supplements you could benefit from. Speaking of, yes, they actually partner with nutritionists, registered dietitians and researchers to design their supplements, making this a very personalized service. 

Here are a few important things to remember why it’s worth spending the extra money to get a personalized nutritional supplement program:

  • Unless a medical professional or a nutritionist has told you that you have a certain vitamin or supplement deficiency, don’t just take it cause your best friend is taking it and it works for her
  • You get your very own nutritionist to help you achieve your health and beauty goals
  • HUM organizes their supplements in a few different categories based on your every need: Dry Skin, Anti Aging, Blemishes + Acne, Cleanse + Detox, Weight + Body, Hair + Nails
  • Read the ingredients. HUM is gluten-free, non-GMO and 100% natural
  • Every single supplement has been tested in clinical studies and you can read all about that one the product page

Still think it’s not worth it to spend a little extra on your health? Think again!

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