Idroscalo in Milan, Italy

For some of the most fun you will ever have on a man-made lake, visit Idroscalo in Milan, Italy. As a popular area for locals and tourists alike, the lake offers some great water-centered activities along the lines of sailing, swimming, canoeing, rowing, dragon boats and water skiing. Likewise, for those who just like to view water but are not too keen on being in it themselves, the surrounding park has areas for free climbing and jogging as well as a trail designed for mountain biking.


If you stay to watch the sunset and find yourself wanting to hit up Milan’s night scene, the area surrounding Idroscalo provides plenty of bars and nightclubs to help satiate the urge to drink and dance with the beautiful people in this fine city. Likewise, the lake and park are a great place to just relax or socialize with people as there is nary a bad day at Idroscalo

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