Internet Speeds and How They can Affect Your Gaming Experience

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Avid gamers know that slow Internet connections can hinder their gaming experience, and if you're one for online games, it's important to realize that you need these fast Internet speeds.

Benefits of Fast Internet

While many people grasp that online games require fast Internet speeds, some don't realize why it's important. Consider these benefits to understand why a fast Internet connection is crucial.

  • A quick connection delivers a steady amount of bandwidth, which eliminates glitches, pauses, and lags so that you can easily continue your game in peace.
  • Most high-speed Internet connections are more reliable than other types, ensuring that the Internet won't cut out on you while you're gaming.
  • Downloading with fast Internet is simple, so if you need to download your game to play it, you can do it in a matter of seconds.

Drawbacks of Slow Internet

On the other end of the spectrum, we can also look at how slow Internet connections affect your gaming experience.

  • Slow Internet speeds often cause your games to have to wait in order to continue, making the game pause or lag for an ultimately frustrating experience.
  • If you have too little bandwidth, it's not uncommon that your game will freeze so that you have to start all over.

What Type of Internet it Right for Gaming?

There are numerous types of Internet out there, so how do you pick the one that's right for you? The first rule that you should know is that dial-up Internet connections are not for gaming. While you can sometimes find fast dial-up speeds, this type of Internet simply isn't compatible with online gaming. If you can believe it, three million people in the U.S. still use dial-up services, according to Yahoo News. However, as the California Council on Economic Education reports, America is home to nearly 100 million people who play online games regularly. Those statistics alone tell you that not many gamers use a dial-up connection.

So what should you use? While options might vary depending on the game you're playing, the best type of Internet for online gaming is often a broadband connection with speeds no less than one megabit per second, although more is always better. If your game features fast-motion graphics, then make sure you're paying for faster speeds. For example, Xbox LIVE usually requires a minimum of four megabits per second for best performance.

More Than Gaming

Obviously the Internet does much more than allowing you to play games, and having a faster Internet can aid in these other tasks as well. Not only does a fast Internet help you get things done quick when you're online, but oftentimes if you're thinking about bundling Internet and phone, companies will throw in a free phone connection for free when you order their fastest speed connection. This makes fast Internet excellent for your gaming experience and for your day-to-day life.

No matter what type of online game you're playing, from a simple game of Farmville to an online multi-player PS3 game, having a fast Internet is important for a pleasing gaming experience.


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