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Michael Allenbright

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Born in India, Michael Allenbright found that he had special healing powers at the age of 7. He then trained under the tutelage of a disciple of Yogananda Paramahansa before heading to the states to join the corporate world. Michael earned an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and an MS in Computer Science from Michigan Tech. After spending 16 years in the technology field, Michael left the business world to return to his passion: helping people through healing. Combining his intuitive powers to heal with his scientific knowledge, Michael created iZone Technology. iZone Technology allows people to feel their best and thus live their best lives. Michael explains to JustLuxe how iZone enhances lives.

iZone Device

How do you describe iZone?

All of us have a right to live life joyfully. When we are in the presence of positive vibrations, life is just that. Positive vibrations enhance life while the absence of positive vibrations diminish it. These vibrations are our energy source. They help us feel more connected to life. We feel alive, healthy and happy when we are connected to our source.

If children are raised in an unsafe environment – real or perceived – they lose their connection with their source. Their bodies get caught up in a state of fear. From that point onwards, every aspect of their lives is driven by fear so that it becomes the prevalent energy. They are in constant fear of being rejected, not loved, and they are constantly trying to protect themselves. Later in age and in adulthood, these children become addicted to substances and exhibit self-defeating behaviors in an effort to suppress that fear.

Our relationships, our careers, and a fulfilling personal life are affected by fear. Science has proven that stress profoundly affects our physical and mental health. The more fearful we are, the more fear is generated. It’s a vicious cycle which leads us to become more and more disconnected from our life force.

iZone harnesses that positive energy from the realm of pure consciousness, what quantum physics calls the quantum field. Using positive energy stops that destructive cycle. Our fear diminishes and we start to feel safer. We begin to reestablish our connection to our life force, that positive energy. In doing so our body and mind are able to repair. Life becomes a fulfilling and joyful experience.

What inspired you to create iZone?

I spent decades experimenting with self-help books, seminars, meditation and other techniques to try to heal myself. But I eventually realized I couldn’t heal through self-effort alone. I came to understand that the reason why people – myself included – were not able to find answers was because we did not understand the core reason for our pain.

The primary source of our pain is fear. Trying to heal other issues without healing the fear is like furiously removing water from a sinking boat that has a big hole. It is critical to plug the hole first and then remove the water; otherwise, we will die of exhaustion if not from drowning.

How did you discover it?

As a scientist who loves to tinker with technology and new ideas in science, I became interested in the principles of quantum physics. I was also at that time learning about spirituality. A relationship between the two began forming in my mind. I soon realized that there’s an energy in the universe that can reduce fear and increase a sense of safety. Through my experiments with quantum physics, I created a device that was able to harness that universal energy.

Who can most benefit from iZone?

Anyone who isn’t happy with themselves, their relationships, their career, their finances and so on can benefit from iZone. If you look closely at each of these aspects of living you’ll find that each problem has its roots in fear. And what is fear? One of our most primal needs: lack of safety. We feel overworked in our career because we don’t feel financially safe. We are unsatisfied in our relationships because we feel unsafe in the relationship. We can’t sleep at night because we think about our problems and fear not being able to resolve them. Our health deteriorates because we are chronically stressed from trying to cope with the onslaught of our problems. We repeat self-defeating emotional patterns because we don’t how to make them stop. We feel stuck. Our body starts to shut down from this emotional tsunami. We behave as if we’ve encountered a physical threat. It’s called “fight or flight.” This is our body’s involuntary response mechanism to danger. We&rsqu

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