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Joshua Haupt has written, and recently released, THE transformative book on growing marijuana. For gardeners, recreational users and anybody that has enjoyed a hit, Three a Light provides step-by-step instructions on growing marijuana indoors, using minimal lights and space to create maximum product (three plants for one light). Haupt didn't set out to be a ganja guru, but from his introduction as a teen to the current state of affairs as recreational marijuana use becomes legalized in more and more states, he has managed to combine his green thumb with his love of cannabis and is sharing his knowledge with others. Three a Light is a luxurious tome that not only looks great in any home, but is also filled with step-by-step information. Josh shares his thoughts on growing the healthiest plants with JustLuxe:

What was your introduction to marijuana? Have you been using it for a while?

My introduction to marijuana was just like any other kid in high school.  Sophomore year, my friends got some "Mexican schwagge" from some upper class-men for us to smoke.  It was a year or two until we were able to track down the good stuff.

It's usually used recreationally. Did you ever think it would be a part of your career?

Although it's used just for pleasure, I believe that in years to come, we will see marijuana as a major part of the medical world, as a matchless remedy. There are so many benefits of cannabis that we know about now, with just having scratched the surface behind studying it. 

I have always known in my heart that I would be successful. I wasn't sure how that would happen or things would come about.  But now that I am here and just embarking on the long journey that lies ahead, I couldn't be happier with the possibilities. 

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When did you start growing your own cannabis?

Plants and the growth of life have always been great passions of mine.  When I was a kid, I was in charge of the garden and watering all the flowers with summer chores.  I would spend countless days admiring the garden.  As I got older (high school), my friends and I were getting buying marijuana, and we got a bag packed full of seeds.  So I threw a seed in with the flowers at home, and started watering them daily. It quickly sprouted and grew beautifully next to the flowers.  A few weeks later my parents noticed it, and I was busted. Luckily my father said, 'we can't kill it now.'

How did you develop such an effective process for growing? Did it take a while to perfect the method?

Over the past decade and a half, I have practiced many different growing methods and have had great failures and successes.  Most of which were taught to me from friends that grew themselves as well as a little note here and there from a High Times article.  There is no better teacher than experience, so with having tested so many different methods, I am very confident with the one we are continuously perfecting today.  I can't take credit for the development as it was taught to me six years ago from a mentor who has over 30 years of growing experience.  Since that time, we have continuously tweaked the regiment in efforts to reach perfection.  Now, depending on the strain we are growing, we are able to exceed four pounds per light and look forward to reaching 5 in the future.  

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Do you think your method, Schwazzing, will eventually be the universal technique?

Absolutely! Schwazzing, when done correctly is essential for a cannabis flower to reach its full potential.  It is a bit extreme and tough to swallow for traditional growers. But tomorrow, generations of growers will know that pruning the plants at the right time and with the right feed to follow will only make them stronger.  Just like the gym does for us, we work extremely hard and it makes us stronger.  Schwazzing a plant will beat it up but also refocus its energy to where it matters most.  This makes the plants much stronger to support a larger flower. 

Can you give me some more info on the actual book itself? 

The concept of the book came from helping all of my friends with their gardens.  Most of my friends (just like myself) didn't know where to start with building a garden and all the other details behind it.  Over the years, I began helping them achieve a garden and plants just like mine. This would allow them to have easier access to quality medicine for themselves.  Through this, I developed an easy step-by-step manual for them to follow from seed to finished flower.  The manual was simple but very effective as they all did great for themselves.  When I set up my tenth or so friend I thought, "I ought to write a book. Why not? There isn't an easy step-by-step manual that is out." And then it began.  That was about two and a half years ago now. I started the writing process with expectations of being done in six months. Little did I know. I was just getting started at six months into the project.  After about a year and a half and thousands of hours we were getting close. We began working with a printing company to decide on the presentation we wanted to achieve.  After countless samples, we finally decided on all black with a gold logo and a nice soft matte finish, with its own slipcover to help protect it and dress it up.  When the books came in, I couldn't be happier with the finished product. We hit it out of the park! With the high price point, we made it so it literally feels like you are holding a $500 book. 

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