Joshua Haupt Writes the Book on Growing Green

Joshua Haupt has written, and recently released, THE transformative book on growing marijuana. For gardeners, recreational users and anybody that has enjoyed a hit, Three a Light provides step-by-step instructions on growing marijuana indoors, using minimal lights and space to create maximum product (three plants for one light). Haupt didn't set out to be a ganja guru, but from his introduction as a teen to the current state of affairs as recreational marijuana use becomes legalized in more and more states, he has managed to combine his green thumb with his love of cannabis and is sharing his knowledge with others. Three a Light is a luxurious tome that not only looks great in any home, but is also filled with step-by-step information. Josh shares his thoughts on growing the healthiest plants with JustLuxe:

What was your introduction to marijuana? Have you been using it for a while?

My introduction to marijuana was just like any other kid in high school.  Sophomore year, my friends got some "Mexican schwagge" from some upper class-men for us to smoke.  It was a year or two until we were able to track down the good stuff.

It's usually used recreationally. Did you ever think it would be a part of your career?

Although it's used just for pleasure, I believe that in years to come, we will see marijuana as a major part of the medical world, as a matchless remedy. There are so many benefits of cannabis that we know about now, with just having scratched the surface behind studying it. 

I have always known in my heart that I would be successful. I wasn't sure how that would happen or things would come about.  But now that I am here and just embarking on the long journey that lies ahead, I couldn't be happier with the possibilities. 

Carly Zinderman

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