Katie Couric Goes Gray?


Katie Couric Goes Gray?

Katie Couric surprised everyone by showing up at the studios with completely grey hair this week. We suppose she wanted to debut a more natural look. But at aged 55 we were surprised the host was sporting so much silver. 

 Well, that’s because the trickster and talked-about television anchor/chat show host was actually wearing a wig for a special occasion: a segment all about hair. But not before she took to the streets of Manhattan to show off her 'new look'. Guess some people will do anything to go viral. But it did garner a lot of attention.

She told viewers: 'More and more women these days are going gray and I decided I wanted to know what it felt like, at least on a temporary basis.'

Her coworkers at the New York offices didn’t even know about the stunt and were just as shocked as the general public was to see the normally blonde bob go grey, literally overnight.

Check out the pictures and people’s reactions on Huffington Post. What do you think of the corny fashion stunt?

Megan Jenkins

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