Lockhart, the Film, Brings Family Legend to Life

Every family has a story but the Lockhart family is a little different.  After digging a bit into his unique family history, actor/writer/producer, David Lockhart found the genesis for not only a feature film, but for a trilogy.  Based on true events, Lockhart includes a mystical crystal heart that can help save the world both literally and figuratively. David Lockhart shares some of his fascinating family history with JustLuxe and tells us more about Lockhart, the film, the first in a trilogy. 

Tell me a bit about Lockhart, the film.

The Lockhart film is a fantastic feature length, action, adventure, spiritual thriller based on true events.

It’s about a man named Jon Lockhart who finds an ancient healing stone buried in his dead grandfather's golf course. The artifact was given to him by his ancestor Robert the Bruce, who was the King of Scotland during the Crusades. On the crystal heart there is a code that can give the world free, unlimited power. This artifact and the mission to share this stone with the world has been passed down through the generations of Lockharts up until now.

The Lockhart family has been tasked with the mission to protect the healing stone from the High Cabal, who want to prevent it from being shared with the world. The High Cabal have been using and manipulating power to enslave the world population for centuries and they do not want this information to get out. 

This film is actually the first film of a trilogy. This first installment is called “Lockhart:  Unleashing the Talisman.”  It combines science, religion, and love. The story is so epic it cannot be told in just one film.

How did the film end up being named Lockhart?

It was actually the director’s idea (Rocky Collins). I was skeptical at first, but calling it Lockhart made the most sense. It is based on true stories from the Lockhart family history.  The main theme is a healing stone aka the “Crystal Heart” that unlocks our untapped potential. We all have unlimited power, but it is blocked. We have forgotten how to access it. It needs to be unlocked.

It’s based on a legend, what did you discover about your past doing research on the project?

I found some incredible true stories about my family history. For example, I discovered that the Lockhart name came from the Crusades era from an epic journey started by Robert the Bruce, the King of Scotland when he was lying on his deathbed. 

And that the Lockharts have been in possession of a healing stone called the Lee Penny which was passed down from generation to generation. You can even look up the court documents of James Lockhart who was tried for witchcraft in the 1700s for being in possession of the healing stone. The only reason he wasn’t convicted is because to be convicted of witchcraft, you have to be guilty of speaking spells and he wasn’t using words when he had the stone with him. 

I also uncovered secrets about my recent family history. My Grandfather was a pro golfer who helped create one of the first golf courses in the Central Valley of California. I also found out that prior to his life as a pro golfer in the 1930's he was a teenage bootlegger and got into a serious car accident while evading the police down a country road at night.

I was simply amazed with the Lockhart history.  I was also amazed it hadn’t been made into a film yet. So I felt like it was my duty to do it. It is such an epic adventure, spanning many generations. The more research that I did, the more excited I got. But I also began to have more questions about who we all are and the reality of our perception about who we think we are.

How do you describe the film? 

I describe it as an action, adventure, spiritual, epic thriller based on true events.

Do you see it as being a pure fantasy/adventure film?

It has fantasy elements in it, but they’re based on true stories from the past and true current events. It’s definitely an adventure film though. And there’s some martial arts and sword fighting thrown in for the kids.

What are some films you would compare it to?

It has elements from all my favorite films. Some people compare it to The Da Vinci Code and Raiders of the Lost Ark, but I would also add in The Matrix and even Star Wars. It’s definitely a hero’s journey.

Also people who are into conspiracy theories will like the film. The Thrive Movement documentary was a big inspiration, along with the Spirit Science films.

You produced, wrote and star in the project, what was it like wearing so many hats?

The good thing was I wore a lot of hats, but really didn’t have to do them all at the same time. I wrote most of the film up at a cabin in the redwoods when I was by myself. 

And then when I was ready to shoot, I had an amazing team throughout. I hired an awesome director Rocky Collins and producer KT Kent and an amazing crew to run the shoot while we were filming, so on set I could just concentrate on acting. I let them run the show. So many people stepped up to make the film happen including half the city of Jamestown.  I was a little humbled by the experience.  After the shoot, it’s all about the post production. Which I admit was the most challenging for me. I don’t like to wait. I’m a man of action.



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