Luminous Artistry: The Tale of Amitabha Studio's Handcrafted Elegance

c/o Amitabha Studio

Founded by the dynamic husband-and-wife creative duo, Davide Piai and Kimberly Poppe, Amitabha Studio is not just a brand—it's a journey into the artistry of handcrafted designer lamps. With a passion for creating beautiful things deeply embedded in their DNA, Davide, a skilled craftsman with a love for art, music, and food, joined forces with Kimberly, an artist and interior designer trained at Parsons School of Design in New York City.

The inception of Amitabha Studio unfolded during a dark winter's night when Davide and Kimberly recognized the transformative power of lighting on one's mood. Faced with the need for more light in their own home, the duo embarked on a quest for the perfect lamps, only to find a void in the market that echoed their aesthetic sensibilities. Fueled by a desire to blend contemporary elegance with timeless classics, they took matters into their own hands.

The creative journey commenced with the discovery of a captivating antique Delft vase, paying homage to the rich history and art of Dutch Delftware from their adopted home in the Netherlands. Merging it with a striking red lampshade and cord, they birthed a lamp that encapsulated their love for contemporary design and respect for enduring classics. This initial creation reignited a passion for handcrafting, drawing inspiration from their backgrounds in art history and a shared joy in uncovering the stories behind antique and vintage Delft pieces. 

At the core of their mission is the aspiration to infuse light into homes. Viewing their lamps not just as functional fixtures but as pieces of art, each one is meticulously handcrafted with the finest materials. They believe that happiness is found in small things, and a carefully crafted lamp can transform the ambiance of a space. Every creation from Amitabha Studio is a source of joy, a testament to craftsmanship—from the hands of the original Delft master painters to theirs today. 

The journey continues as Davide and Kimberly channel their passion into each piece, marrying contemporary design with the timeless allure of antique and vintage Delft pieces. Amitabha Studio is more than a mere studio; it's a celebration of craftsmanship, a dedication to the art of creating beauty, and a commitment to illuminating not just spaces but lives. From their studio to your home, Amitabha Studio invites you to immerse yourself in the enchantment of handcrafted lamps—a tale of art, love, and the pursuit of a brighter, more beautiful world. 

To learn more or shop the one-of-a-kind collection at or visit @amitabhastudio 

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