Marcy Meyers Aims to Heal Through the Power of Bioenergetics with Her New Book "Blessed With Energy"

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Some people experience chronic pain that they learn to ignore and just live with. For others, chronic pain has taken over their lives, inhibiting daily activities and the ability to enjoy things they once loved. With years of study behind her in various fields ranging from scripture to science and mental health, therapist Marcy Meyers began exploring new modalities of treatment practices. Eventually, Marcy began studying the field of bioenergetics, a form of energy medicine, to help her loved ones. She soon began delving deeper into the science and recently wrote "Blessed With Energy" to help more people understand the science, concepts and even provide a scriptural perspective for how Bioenergetics can benefit people suffering physically and psychologically. Marcy tells JustLuxe about the book and how her therapy sessions help heal bodies and minds.

Your new book "Blessed With Energy" is about Bioenergetics.  What is Bioenergetics?

"Bio" means body, and "Energetics" refers to the electromagnetic systems that flow around and through the body.  Everyone has an electromagnetic field that supports their physical and psychological health.  It comes as a surprise to learn this - but every living thing is dependent upon this energy field.  Every organ, every cell, every system that makes up the human body is affected by the vibrational frequencies we are exposed to on a daily basis.  Bioenergetics is a system of combined physical and psychological therapies based on the understanding of how the electromagnetic flow works, how the flow can be disrupted, and how to restore balance within the all of the systems. Dr. Oz has said energy medicine is the next frontier in medicine. We are created with an energetic system that is capable of rebalancing and supporting our physical and psychological health. Let's reclaim that knowledge and start empowering ourselves to recover our vitality.

How did you begin working in the field?

I studied Bioenergetics looking for answers to chronic health problems in my family.  It isn't fun to be chronically tired and in pain, and then have the medical field tell you there is nothing that can be done besides pain management. I believe we were created to thrive - not just survive. It was empowering for me to learn about ways that I could regain my own vitality and life.  I had no intention of going into private practice. However, the answers I found and the knowledge I gained prompted a colleague in Kansas City to invite me into her counseling practice.  I decided to offer private sessions one day a week, and soon learned that there is an overwhelming number of people who are struggling to find answers to their own chronic issues.

Who can best benefit from Bioenergetics?

One of the first questions I started asking when I learned about Bioenergetics is "Why isn't everyone taught about this vital aspect of our being?" Learning how to listen to our body signals and rebalance the electromagnetic flow as soon as it gets pulled out of balance would benefit everyone.  There are several ways energy medicine can be effective.  The most basic is by moving blocked frequencies within the flow, which immediately gives a person more energy and vitality.  The next is by releasing physical tension and improving breathing patterns.  This provides better circulation and oxygen flow, which promotes better health.  The third is through self-awareness.  By locating and releasing unconscious trapped emotions and shifting distortions in thinking, the real change in unhealthy patterns can begin.  Chronic fatigue, depression, PTSD, anxiety, recovery from acute physical trauma, autoimmune issues - all of these have proven to respond to Bioenergetic therapy.

How do you work with clients? What is the process like?

I work with the unconscious defense patterns a client has learned to use.  Muscle tension patterns, breathing patterns, central nervous systems imbalances, and disruptions in the normal flow within the electromagnetic systems.  All of these patterns are signals as to where a client has come out of balance and fallen into a state of discomfort or dis-ease.  A typical initial session begins with a 5-10-minute discussion with the client about their presenting complaint, where symptoms are manifesting physically or emotionally, and their current lifestyle habits.  When we move to the table work, a client remains fully clothed.  There is no manipulation of muscles or tissue, such as would be experienced during a massage.  We use specific vibrational frequencies in a strong harmonic resonance, applied to specific areas of the body, to help the client's body remember (or return to) its innate pattern of health and wellness.  

Is there a difference between Bioenergetics and other forms of energy medicine?

All energy medicine involves the transfer of energy from one person to another.  Depending upon the level of training received, energy healing could be as simple as allowing a flow of energy to take place.  Bioenergetics is a more sophisticated method, using very specific protocols of applied vibrational frequencies - the frequencies associated with health. Trauma, whether physical or emotional, can create distortions in the way a person takes in and stores the constant supply of energy required to sustain us. Bioenergetics also addresses the psycho-spiritual aspect of the energy field, locating distortions in thinking or belief systems that are contributing to the imbalances.  

What do you think the biggest misconceptions are about energy medicine?

There does tend to be a sense of mystery about exactly what energy medicine is.  We tend to think of ourselves as flesh, bones, muscles, and fluids - the things we can see.  However, there is a vital aspect of our being - the energetic aspect - that sustains and holds everything together.  One of the biggest misconceptions is that the energy field doesn't really exist because we don't see it.  People in Western-trained cultures tend to rely on science for truth.  Until recently, there were no instruments to measure the energy field, and no research to prove its existence.  My book "Blessed With Energy" presents the scientific research and explanation of the electromagnetic field of the human body.  On another note, within the faith communities, especially the Christian faith, the biggest misconception seems to be that people who work within the energy field are guided by supernatural or demonic entities.  The truth is there is overwhelming Scriptural support for believing in our energetic aspect.  We are created with this beautiful ability to constantly draw in fresh energy from the universe around us.  One example is the Schumann Resonance that emanates from earth.  It provides a constant supply of 7.8 -8 hz, a frequency that science has proven supports our physical, mental and psychological health.

Can you tell me a bit about the book?

The first six chapters of the book present the research, scientific explanation and Scriptural support for the concepts to explain how and why energy medicine works. The second half of the book presents personal life experiences, case studies and testimonies from professionals in almost every healthcare modality to show how energy medicine has transformed lives. "Blessed With Energy" is an eye-opener - beginning with the surprising fact that everything vibrates and is held together by sound, and then moving into an awareness of how even subtle shifts within the frequencies of our body can pull us out of balance.  The book ends with some practical tools that can be used at home and put into daily practice, ways to regain and sustain physical, mental and energetic balance.

How did you choose the title?

We truly are blessed with an infinite source of energy, and an innate ability to rebalance on a continual basis.  We just need to learn how to listen to our body signals and access this supply.  Finding the place where science and faith confirm the truth about our energetic body offers freedom to step into the powerful natural healing abilities we are created to utilize. This knowledge can shift a person's paradigm from helpless to empowered. And reconnect us with the one who created us, our God who blessed us with this infinite supply.

What would you like readers to come away with after reading your book?

My intention for writing this book is to replace the fears and misconceptions surrounding energy medicine with the truth. Not only will you come away with a greater understanding of how you are created, you will also gain an understanding of how to regain and restore harmony in your life.  Everyone can learn to live at their highest potential and with the highest quality of life possible. I love this quote from the World Health Organization: Optimal health is much more than the absence of sickness.  It is the conscious pursuit of the highest qualities of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social aspects of the human experience.

This approach is new to many.  What would you say to those who find the concept of Bioenergetics confusing or uncomfortable?

"Blessed With Energy" uses a trinity of proof - research and science, Scripture, and personal testimonies - to remove the mystery around energy medicine. When fears can be replaced with the clarity of scientific explanation and the support of Scripture, then confusion and uncertainty can be replaced with confidence and trust. Best of all, energy medicine has no harmful side effects, is non-invasive, painless, natural, and inexpensive.  

Grab a copy at https://www.blessedwithenergy.comand learn more about Marcy.

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