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Las Terrazas de Dana lodge is one of the best lodges in the beautiful valley of Mindo, Ecuador. The lodge serves as a great place to relax and enjoy the scenic view of the valley. The lodge is equipped with the latest technology and constructed in a blend of modern and traditional design.

Las Terrazas de Dana lodge has 4 exclusive bungalows and 2 rooms that are located on the first floor of the main building. A restaurant is also situated in the main building. The Valley of Mindo, Ecuador is famous for its natural beauty, flora, and fauna. Our bungalows provide the visitors with the spectacular view of the valley and its natural surroundings.

Each bungalow comes with its own private terrace. These terraces can be used for dining as well as to view the birds that come to the feeders that we have equipped on the terraces. Our lodge is suitable for families with children as well as couples who are looking for a quiet and a romantic vacation spot. The relaxing atmosphere of our lodge will want to come and visit Mindo again and again.

Our dining staff also offers a variety of culinary choices. You can enjoy local and international cuisine at our restaurant. The restaurant located on the second floor of the lodge has a natural atmosphere where you can enjoy your meal with your family members. Our restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and for snacks in between.

Our modernly equipped cabins include a queen bed and a flat TV (DirecTV satellite included). Our cabins are ideal for couples with parking facilities available.

Our eco-lodge is aimed to provide our customers with the best service and give them the amazing view of our beautiful valley of Mindo.

Ecologic side of our eco-lodge

Nowadays everyone is talking about ways to protect the environment. Individuals are making an effort to take part in improving and conserving our environment. Our lodge is also eco-friendly and aiming at keeping a balance between man-made items and natural wonders. Our eco-lodge also takes care of recycling the garbage and using a balanced amount of water.

Recent surveys have stated that many eco-lodges are not taking part in saving our environment. They perform reckless behavior which damages the natural beauty of their surroundings. By reducing the use of fossil fuel energy and replacing it with solar energy, we can also contribute to a better environment.

Our lodge uses dual flush, LED lamps, grease trap, solar lamps in outdoors, movement sensor lamps, and septic tank with three chambers. We also use a water treatment bacteria and drainage network to filter into the ground. We try to use as much as recycled wood and biodegradable soaps. Our water comes from the natural springs of Mindo which passes through multiple filters before usage.

There has been increased popularity in the world of the usage of solar energy. Our outdoor lamps are trendy and eco-friendly.  We as well as experts have assumed that renewable energy will be part of everyone’s life in the next few years. That’s why we have taken major steps in taking care of the ecological side of our lodges more than the others in the market.

How to get here:

 From Quito, you can reach Mindo by a two-hour bus ride. From the Terminal Terrestre Norte, you can take a bus from the  Cooperativa Flor del Valle.

Mindo can be reached by car also. Just take the road to “Mitad del Mundo” and continue it to “San Miguel de Los Bancos”. All you have to do is follow the signs to the town of Mindo.


The lodge is easily accessible once you have reached Mindo. Just take the road to Cascada Nambillo. After walking for around 12 minutes, you will find a crossroad. On the left will be the Mariposario. Take the right road over the cement bridge and walk 100 meters down to the road. Turn to the left and continue another 100 meters. In the end, you will see the Las Terrazas de Dana.


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