Missing Michael Jackson? Make Your Tribute Immortal

From Cirque du Soleil's new "Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour,” to the King of Pop's kids' recent Hollywood tribute, we just can't say goodbye to Michael Jackson. A new contest launched this week gives fans worldwide the chance to immortalize their own dedications in The Michael Jackson Book Monument.

Bungalow Publishing is giving fans worldwide the opportunity to co-create "a unique monument of historic proportions" to MJ and his impact on their lives in a personalized work of art celebrating the legendary performer: a strictly limited edition of 5,000 copies of a bible-like book, each containing 1,000 fan farewells and featuring a cover portrait of Michael created from over 3,000 Swarovski crystals. Bungalow Publishing will offer regular editions available to everyone.

All Michael Jackson fans have a chance to participate through a contest Bungalow Publishing has launched. Visit to participate in three easy steps:

1.      Sign up, create an account and log in.

2.      Write your personal story to Michael. Save it, preview what it would look like on a page from the book, and share it on Facebook – all at no charge.

3.      Submit your story to be entered in the contest to win one of 1,000 chances to have a page published in the book (both regular and luxury editions).

Story submissions must be in English. The 1,000 winners will be chosen by judges selected by Bungalow Publishing.

Bungalow Publishing will offer the 5,000 limited (luxury) editions for $7,499 USD each. Limited editions can be reserved for $1,499 USD each. Once the 5,000 limited editions are sold, no more will be available – ever.

"We offer fans a platform to share their personal story about Michael Jackson in a revolutionary publication – an absolutely stunning stage for them to shine on," says Marisa Garau (SAY Ga-row as in "wow"), co-founder of Bungalow Publishing. "Their names will forever be connected with Michael within this written monument, something that has never been done before in the history of book publishing."

Bungalow Publishing

Bungalow Publishing is a boutique publishing house dedicated to creating luxurious, limited edition books to honor inspiring, legendary people who had or have a huge impact on our lives. Bungalow brings together artisans, manufacturers, designers, jewelers, suppliers, printers, graphic artists and other creative professionals to create stunning printed works of art that will endure beyond the digi...(Read More)

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