Must-Have’s that Luxury Home Buyers Want Most

Whether you are a real estate developer, home flipper, or simply a homeowner looking to bring your home into the luxury arena before selling, there are some features that will appeal to all buyers at this level. Since location cannot be manipulated, the bells and whistles inside the home, and around the property are going to be what creates the distinction you need to be at the price point you desire. Your home needs to present a story, about the lifestyle that the buyer can lead should they choose to purchase your home. Amenities, conveniences, and exclusive upgrades are what these luxury home buyers are looking for.

Technology Trumps

A smart home is one of the most in demand features requested these days. People want the convenience of being able to control everything in their home from their phone, or with voice control. Showers that can be programmed to specific water temperatures, music and lights that can be manipulated depending on mood and time of day, and quick access to get around the home are high end upgrades that will set your home apart. Luxury British home lifts can be tailored to the vision of the designer, and customized to suit the needs of each specific home they are installed in. A lift sets your home apart and gives it the regality buyers in this market demand. Sprawling homes that have several staircases and levels will be glanced right over if they do not provide buyers with an alternative way to move about the spaces in the home. Using luxury British home lifts can also be advantageous for physically moving in and out of a home that is large. Not having to trek belongings up and down numerous flights of stairs during the moving process is a game changer.

Entertainment Spaces

Nobody is considering a home purchase in the luxury market if they are not planning to entertain in it. Both the indoor and outdoor spaces need to facilitate gatherings that can range from intimate and personal, to large and extravagant. It is a given that a multimillion-dollar home will have entertainment spaces such a game room and home theater, so as you target this market, pay attention to what can set your spaces apart. You are essentially trying to create a space where the future homeowner never feels the need to leave and day to day living feels like a vacation. Wine cellars, outdoor pools and kitchens, and home gyms are all amenities that need to be considered.

Private Sanctuaries

Master bathrooms and closets can make or break the price point and value of your home. The people that reside in these bedrooms are the ones paying the mortgage, so it makes sense to cater to them and create added luxury in those personal spaces. Serene environments are a requirement for bathrooms. Consider soft finishes and clean lines, and space to lounge around. Multiple sinks and a separate tub and shower area will make guests feel more pampered in these spaces that can otherwise feel cold and just for function. Creating custom closet systems in the master closet cannot be overlooked. It is not enough to simply have a large space with room clothes to hang. Consider all the elements of a wardrobe and design a system that allows the homeowner to feel that their clothes are not just organized but also showpieces.


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