Native Thai Artist Collaborates with Luxury Design Hotel

Now through September 30, 2017, Akaryn Hotel Group’s akyra Manor Hotel in Chiang Mai will serve as a gallery, showcasing a collection of 10 watercolor creations by local Thai artist Kritika Buabusya. The design hotel is located in a city bursting with emerging artists and is surrounded by the mountains and farmlands of Chiang Mai; it is an ideal place to showcase both Thailand’s urban, artistic scene and its rural environments.

In Buabusya’s debut collection, pastoral depictions of the Thai countryside are displayed in muted, calming watercolor hues. Each painting is meant to serve as a window into the simplicity of everyday life in the region. The works of art immerse guests in the vantage point of Buabusya, a Thai native who previously lived in New Zealand, working with textiles, fabrics, and fashion, then spent a decade teaching at a Thai university prior to this artistic endeavor. Her scholarly background contributes to the concept of the exhibit, named “Floral Choreography”. Derived from lore surrounding Arcadia in Greek mythology, Buabusya attempts to explore an ideal existence that liberates people from the confines of consumerism in a quest for holistic fulfillment.

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