New York - The City That Never Sleeps a Wink

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One of the most well-known cities in the globe is New York. Millions of visitors from around the world come here each year to saunter the city's avenues, which have frequently been featured as full-fledged characters in movies, stock their wardrobes with new items, and get dizzy admiring the towers.

It's possible that this is the only location on Earth where all of the members of the various subcultures have made their homes. When boarding a subway train in this area, almost everyone can be found there at once, including Ukrainians, Frenchmen, Koreans, and Dominicans. It is said that it would take a lifetime to sample all the interesting things available in New York.

In terms of passenger flow, Newark Liberty Airport is the second largest airport in New York. The trip to Manhattan from the airport takes roughly 15 miles. You can take a taxi to Newark airport or the train to get to the city's core after arriving at one of the three airports outside the city. The most practical mode of transportation is the AtoB airport transfer. At the airport landing area, one of the expertly trained chauffeurs will meet you with a name sign, help you with your baggage, and lead you to your Newark airport taxi.

The fact that the AtoB airport transfer service is accessible at all hours of the day is another significant benefit. Please be aware that you will be travelling frequently. However, you should be aware that the NYC metro system is one of the most challenging before using it. We, therefore, counsel you to keep your trusted AtoB Newark airport taxi service on hand for simpler city travel.

And now, let's get to the most crucial part: the locations that each and every traveller should see.

High Line

Midtown Manhattan's extended High Line Park is situated on a railroad trestle. The park extends from Hudson Yards to the Meatpacking District. Every year, millions of individuals go there. Beautiful vistas of Manhattan and the Hudson River can be found in the park. A walk through the park offers a welcome diversion from the bustling streets of Manhattan.

Come here by AtoB airport taxi and take the walking trip to learn more about High Line Park's past, which dates all the way back to 1847. The two-hour walk will teach you about the 2.33km park's unique flora as well as New York's "West Side Cowboys." After strolling through the park, you'll stop by the White Star Pier, where those who managed to escape the disaster of the Titanic alighted, and the Nabisco plant, where the renowned Oreo Cookie was created.

Empire State Building

Save time by booking a Newark airport transfer and getting your Empire State Building passes before you travel to NYC. The 86th level of the Empire Building, one of New York's most recognizable structures, provides an incredible perspective of the city. A trip to the tower should be on your itinerary if this is your first time visiting NY! Regular and fast passes are both available. Additionally, You can also buy a tourist card that grants free entry to this building.

9/11 Memorial

On the premises of Ground Zero in New York is where you'll find the 9/11 National Memorial. It was constructed in memory of the casualties of the 26 February 1993 World Trade Center bombing as well as the 2001 World Trade Center/WTC assaults. The memorial was formally unveiled for visitors on September 11, 2011, so they could offer their respects to the deceased. The monument is open to everyone without a fee.

Around the two enormous pools that make up the memorial's focal point, all of the victims' names are inscribed on metal slabs. On the spot where the twin towers once stood, there are two swimming pools: North and South. They are surrounded by trees. Since only one tree in the vicinity has escaped the terrorist assaults, it is known as the Survivor Tree. The tree now serves as a tangible symbol of tenacity, life, and regeneration. Hire an airport taxi to see this genuinely amazing sight, particularly at night when the melancholy mood is even more apparent.

FRIENDS Experience

The famous television series Friends is the focus of the FRIENDS Experience exhibition in NY City. The show now includes a section that tells the tale of the lives of six pals from NY. Are Monica, Chandler, Joey, Ross, and Phoebe characters that you enjoy watching? Then you should definitely book an AtoB Newark airport transfer to get here and see this spectacle.

Brooklyn Bridge

The first bridge to use steel wires is the Brooklyn Bridge. It was completed in 14 years and inaugurated in May 1883. It served as the sole crossing between Manhattan and Brooklyn for a very long time. Take a stroll across it in the direction of Manhattan by Newark airport taxi for an amazing view of the Big Apple.


The Brooklyn Bridge has developed into an icon and an emblem for NYC in recent years. The best way to experience the bridge is without question to go across it from Brooklyn and take in the expansive view of the city. The bridge crossing takes about 45 minutes but plan on taking longer since you'll undoubtedly want to take pictures.

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