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Business leaders who want to get ahead, become more effective, and amplify their success, can take one of two programs being offered by PEO Leadership. Both 8-week programs will be offered virtually starting the week of September 20, 2021. Each program is tailored to different audiences, providing crucial information they need to thrive in today’s business world.

“Doing it alone isn’t enough anymore,” explains Leon Goren, president and chief executive officer of PEO Leadership. “It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top. Leaders can tap into our network to leverage the collective wisdom and power of a leadership community intent on enabling them and their organization to succeed.”

PEO Leadership is an exclusive business community focused on helping executives realize their personal, professional, and organizational growth objectives. The two 8-week executive programs will be offered in four sessions that are two hours each, and will be completely online. The programs will provide executives the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a highly respected and accomplished executive advisor to discuss what success looks like to them, and how to get them there using PEO Leadership’s holistic approach. Participants will also experience their own personal advisory board over four virtual meetings, to discuss important issues, challenges, and opportunities. 

The two programs are:

Executive Program: Designed for CEOs, COOs, presidents and entrepreneurs. 

Senior Leadership Executive Program: Designed for C-level, SVPs, VPs, and directors. The objective is for participants to evolve their career in key areas of leadership, operational excellence, teamwork, communication, and growth. 

“With the world changing at an unprecedented rate, it is absolutely imperative that you, as the leader, step outside of your organization and push yourself to continually learn,” added Goren. “We have helped hundreds of C-Level executives overcome challenges and surpass their personal, professional and organizational growth objectives.”

The investment for each program is $1,000 CAN, and the fee can be applied to a PEO Leadership membership for those who decide to officially join the community. Participation in each 8-week program is limited. To register for the programs, visit the site at:

PEO Leadership offers an executive leadership community that represents over 100 business leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and top executives. Its services include peer advisory boards, executive advisors/coaches, community connections, strategic business advice, an annual world-class leadership conference, and thought leadership events including PEO Leadership’s “The Way Forward”live webcast and podcast. The company is owned by Leon Goren, who has over 25 years of leadership experience. 


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