Petite Anse, Grenada: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem

Petite Anse

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“I didn’t exactly leave England saying I was going to go and build a resort in the Caribbean,” laughs Philip Clift, “but that is what happened.” The adventure for Philip and his wife, Anne, started with a trip across the Atlantic in their 55-foot yacht, China Town. And 16 days, 11 hours and 14 minutes later they arrived in the Caribbean where they ran a successful yacht-charter business for five years. Then one day Phillip spotted the property he bonded with – on the Atlantic side of Grenada – and it was time for them to become land-lubbers again.

Petite Anse – which means “Little Cove” – could also have been named Serendipity. In the midst of a “eureka” moment, Philip – who doesn’t smoke – grabbed a packet from Anne and sketched his plan for the resort on the back.  

From its sketchy beginnings, Petit Anse grew into a boutique hotel with 11 cabanas and a two-bedroom chalet in the plans. This calm and laid back resort is gay friendly and an ideal get-away for solo females. While children are tolerated, they aren’t encouraged. Another telling point of the focus on relaxation is that there are no televisions. That said, wi-fi is available resort-wide for those addicted to their laptops and smart phones.

The pure magic of Petite Anse

Indulge in doing absolutely nothing if that is the escape you crave from your time-poor world. At Petite Anse you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do and you can set your schedule accordingly.

Walk up and down the beach in the cove in the early morning or in the evening. The constant sound of the waves rolling in from the ocean is pure zen. Hang out by the pool or chill out with a drink at the bar that serves genuine British ale and cider. Or let Max, the chef, make you one of the rotis he is famous for.

And for those who want to slow down to a speed that is close to dead-stop, there is turtle watching.

Want to go further afield? Saunter into Sauteurs, a nearby village where, in all probability, you will be the only foreigner. Get an insight into what life if truly like in rural Grenada and check out the local eateries and/or bars. A tipple of rum is always readily available – but you may have to ask for it as the bottles are generally stashed under the counter – and local beer is also on offer.

Bathway Beach is an ideal half-day trip from Petite Anse. This spot is well-known to the locals from all over the island, but virtually foreigner-free as most tourists hug the south-west side of the island on Grand Anse beach on the Caribbean side.

Powered on personality

Philip and Annie Clift specialize in making guests feel at home. That may involve either entertaining them with stories or giving them total space. Philip’s motto of “no shirt, no shoes, no problem” sums up his approach to resort management.

Anne is a bit of a cross between Madonna for her style and Mother Theresa for her medical skills. And she lives her mantra of “Be ye kind to one another”

A trained nurse, she regularlystitches wounds, dresses cuts, scrutinizes blood sugar levels, monitors blood pressures, takes temperatures and provides medications to the locals who cannot afford even basic medical care. In the midst of all of this she frequently quips“Keep calm and carry on.”

Getting there

Rent a car, hire a taxi or act like a local and hop a local maxi-van that plies the local routes. From the airport, allow an hour to an hour and a half and enjoy the scenery along the way. The three road options include going up the west coast road, heading across the middle Grand Etang or taking the long way around the east coast. Go one way and come back another. 

For truly personalized service, contact Justin Louison from Exotic Discovery Taxi & Tours. He will meet your flight and give you a running commentary as you go.

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Photo from website

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