Philanthropy through Fashion: Oscar De La Renta 2013 Fall Collection

Oscar De La Renta – Fall 2013 at Beverly Hills Colleagues Luncheon


“Philanthropy Through Fashion” with a special presentation to Wallis Annenberg with  Host, Wendy Burch


The Fall 2013 Oscar De La Fall/Winter Collection Showcased at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in honor of the annual Collegues Luncheon.  Always a wonderful event each year, the luncheon features lots of friends, great conversation and the best fashion show in town. With a comic turn by Ms. Wendy Burch, who officiates at the event, the luncheon was off to a great start.  A special note about the charity, the Children’s Institute, Inc. which has been at the forefront of support for children’s health and welfare issues and their honoring Wallis Annenberg, with the “Champion of Children Award”.  It was a celebration of the extraordinary work by both her and the many ladies who tirelessly work on behalf of the group. Wallace announced her donation of $500,000 which was met with applause all around for her extraordinary support for the charity.  

Oscar De La Renta showed the recent Fall 2013 Collections on the runway in the grand ballroom that was decorated with yellow and white roses.  Oscar's designs are always expressed with a contained sense of beauty.  This collection showed Oscar at his best with perhaps a 'dash' of Monsieur Galiano who was in residence over the summer.  There were so many gorgeous Fall things to look forward to. There were elegant embroideries on the evening gowns; full 1950s skirts with Toile inspired patterns; slim jackets with the 18th century picture collars.  A few ladies from Hollywood’s film noire also appeared in sexy black dinner dresses, wearing kid gloves  or fur trimmed sweaters with high waisted skirts.  Plenty of pieces were mixable with the black pieces or leather separates you already have in  your closet from last year. Oscar always knows what women want to wear and this collection had some solid pieces but they were just a bit more edgy and interesting using unexpected color combinations or draping details that were no doubt due to the influence of Monsieur Galliano.  The embroideries on many pieces were reminiscent of Lesage in Paris. They were used in clever ways to raise the profile of the graphic prints and images on the skirts, giving them wit and elegance. Oscar is a master of opulence and elegant understatement Many Red Carpet dresses were on display, including some strapless gowns with fishtail trains for the perfect entrance or exit to a grand event that many ladies in the audience attend. The final evening gowns came down the runway in bright jeweled tones with patterns and shapes that were embroidered after the fashion of French 18th century gowns. The finale is always the bridal gown and this one was inspired by Flamenco, with a large ruffled skirt and mantilla veil that floated down the aisle just like Oscar’s ladies have come to expect from this American master. 

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