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Pikke Allen is a Writer and Principal Consultant for her own Content & Branding Atelier. Her passion for all things French is a tribute to her dad, a French teacher and devoted Francophile. She grew up on the left bank in Paris during one of the most fruitful periods in art, fashion and culture in the 1970s. Pikke has been published on a variety of travel platforms including 'Girls Guide to Paris' 'VINGT PARIS' and Belle Inspiration Magazine exclusively for Paris Travelers. ARTIFICE began as an accidental blog in Paris and has grown into a portfolio of online magazines created and published by Ms. Allen from both Los Angeles and Paris. For more on Pikke's writing portfolio: and You can Follow Ms. Allen on Instagram: @Artificeworld For media inquiries or to be featured on JUST LUXE please request at: e: justluxe.usa

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