Ideas for French-Inspired Sparkling Cocktails for the Spring


Photos Credit: Diabolo Bevereges

'Tis the season for sparkling cocktails with a hint of spirits and a healthy fruit for inspiration and color. Inspired in France and made in southern California, the Diabolo healthy sparkling drinks are the creation of frenchman Michel Langlais. While traveling in the US, he noticed that one of his favorite sparkling drinks was not available here. The French know a few things about bubbles, so Monsieur Langlais set about creating a version of the drink he knew would be delicious over ice alone, and also a successful cocktail base when mixed with spirits. The drinks are 100% natural and made with flavors such as tangerine, blueberry lemon, mint lemon and dragon fruit. Each sparkling can of happiness is not just a flavored sparkling water, but a full-bodied fruit beverage with the perfect base for a cocktail or just to drink alone with ice. 

Here are some of my suggestions for beverage pairings:

diabolo bevereges

Champagne and Dragon Fruit Spritzer

• Sugar the glass: take a slice of lemon and ring the glass with juice, dipping the top of the glass in the sugar. Let dry. 

• Pour your favorite Rosé champagne or Prosecco, filling 1/2 of glass. 

• Pour the Dragon Fruit Diabolo Sparkling Drink into the glass slowly until full.

• Top the glass with a slice of dragon fruit and mint leaves.



Lemon Lime Sparkling Tequilla Cocktail

• Salt your high ball glass (as above) with a pink Himalayan fine salt.

• Pour one shot of your preferred tequila such as Silver Patron.

• Add freshly squeezed lime juice.

• Add a dash of Triple Sec.

• Open Diabolo Lemon Lime Sparkling Drink and pour to fill glass.

• Garnish with lime or lemon slice.



Orange Mimosas with Tangerine Sparkling Diabolo (Non-Alcoholic)

Pour into a flute, fill half of glass with freshly squeezed orange juice.

• Pour Diabolo Tangerine Sparkling Drink.

• Garnish with tangerine slice or strawberry.



Orange Mimosas with Tangerine Sparkling Diabolo (Alcoholic Version)

• Fill half of glass with champagne of choice.

• Add Diabolo Tangerine Sparkling Drink.

• Add a dash of Triple Sec.

• Garnish with orange slice or strawberry 


Pikke Allen

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