PopUpParty Launches in San Diego

No detail will be missed and no other event will compare to PopUpParty’s premier launch experience on May 24th, 2017 at Pueblo PB.  Aptly named “COLOR,” this PopUpParty is themed on the vibrant heritage of Mexico City and delivers a total immersion of the senses that will set a new standard in entertainment.  If you’re not there, then you don’t witness the unforgettable cultural phenomenon, including live street artists, a contemporary take on traditional Mexican cuisine, Premium Tequila bars, live DJs, cultural dancers and many other meticulously arranged stimuli assembled byPopUpParty.

PopUpParty CEO and co-founder Adolfo Meza has left no stone unturned in his quest to build the perfect experience. “COLOR” will represent the overall vision for PopUpParty, which is to connect all the senses and deliver an intimate and unforgettable evening.

“PopUpParty was created with the intent to spotlight local venues and to give people an experience they’ve never had before," Meza shares. “We will have VIP guests, performers, live artists, notable chefs and mixologists, all interacting to complete a brilliant tapestry that will become widely known as a PopUpParty branded event," continued Meza.

Leigh-Anne Anderson

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