Reinvigorate Your Mind & Body at MUSE Saint Tropez

Encapsulating the laid-back glamour of the French Riviera, the MUSE Saint Tropez reflects architectural simplicity, perched atop a rocky cliff top in the picturesque medieval village of Ramatuelle. The reinvigorated spa at the MUSE is now being headed by spa therapist Dewi Hopley, who has previously worked as one of YTL Hotels’ guest artists in Asia. The MUSE spa now offers a brand new menu of vitality treatments for guests.

Hopley has been trained in YTL’s “Spa Village” concept, by renowned spa developer Melissa Mettler, who is known for creating exceptionally unique spa concepts. Mettler brings 27 years of experience in development, design, and operation of some of the world’s most prestigious luxury resort and destination spas. She has passed on to Hopley her vast knowledge of indigenous healing rituals, customs, and ingredients from healers and shamans all around the globe.

The spa at MUSE is inspired by the natural abundance of the landscape, through the vitality treatments that harness the potent herbs, flowers, and plants found in the region and the resort’s rambling, self-sustainable garden. In addition to the transcendent signature treatments available, visitors can customize their treatments, using elements sourced from plants such as thyme and lavender. Guests also have the option of receiving their spa treatments in the comfort of their own suite, which includes a personal spa service room.

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