Rich Tones – Why Wood Flooring is a Staple of Luxury Décor

Who doesn’t love luxury? If you’ve ever visited a five-star hotel or spent time in a high-class restaurant, you’ve no doubt been bowled over by the opulence and elegance on show. It’s only natural to want to emulate this in your own home, but is it possible?

The answer, thankfully, is yes. In fact, it’s actually far easier than you might expect to achieve a sense of luxury. The key is wooden floors. Whether it’s solid wood or engineered wood flooring, this material has long been a staple of luxury décor and interior design. Read on to find out why.

Wood is a Timeless Material

Wood has been popular for centuries. In the past, this was due to its accessibility and how easy it was to acquire. However, over time wood has become synonymous with style and luxury. It makes us think of grand countryside mansions and lavish antique manors.

The material has stood the test of time and remains an incredibly popular choice to this day. However, this does not mean that wood looks outdated or old-fashioned. The material is unique in that it never goes out of fashion, which can’t be said for many other design choices.

It Looks Wonderful

Perhaps the biggest benefit of wood is how good it looks. Whether it’s oak, cherry, walnut, or one of the many other types, wood stands alone as the most attractive and visually appealing material available.

There’s just something about the colours, tones, and rich hues of wood that speaks to us on a deep, meaningful level. Humans have a connection with this material that spans back thousands of years, perhaps why it remains so popular and sought after today.

The swirling patterns and deep textured colours are luxury personified, no other material comes close to conveying the same sense of splendour and majesty.  If you think of the fanciest and most decadent home you can, you are more likely than not to picture an immaculate wooden floor.

It’s Versatile

One of wood’s greatest strengths lies in its versatility and adaptability. The floor in a space can dominate a room and influence the overall style and tone. Wood is inherently neutral, meaning other design elements can be built on top of it without the risk of causing clashes. It works well with other materials and a vast range of different colours.

For this reason, wood can be used in a range of different settings and in various different styles. From classic homes with traditional designs to ultra-modern and stylish apartments, wood is perfect for any purpose and will never look less than luxurious.


Interior design trends come and go all the time. Often, it can seem like they disappear as quickly as they appear, influenced by broader artistic movements and cultural shifts. However, one material has never gone out of style and likely never will: wood. This timeless material has long been associated with luxury and will continue to be a staple in luxury décor design principles and practices for many years to come. 

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