Secret Sips: Exploring the Dolomites Lesser-Known Wine


Sure, you've heard of Italian wines like Barolo, Chianti or Lambrusco. But Italy has over 2,000 native grape varieties that are lesser-known and totally delicious. For example, Lagrein is a red wine grape variety scarcely known outside of Northern Italy, yet responsible for one of the most versatile and food-friendly wine styles made in Italy. Its wines are strong and full-bodied with plum and wild cherry flavors, known especially for the deep color it leaves on wines. At Forestis, the word “local” assumes an important meaning in the building materials of the hotel and the gastronomic experience enjoyed by guests. Its remote location in the Dolomites creates the most exquisite wine while guests are subdued in the pristine scenery. Sommelier Lucas Chiodelli focuses on small, local producers and farmers who can value the incredible variety of the South Tyrol territory, which differs with altitudes, soils, microclimates, and grapes used in the wine-making process.

Ela Walz

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