Senté: A Luxurious Blend of Science and Skincare
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What happens when experts from the fields of biotech and skin health get together? They create a new product with an active ingredient never before used in skincare products. Senté is the result of using heparin sulfate (HS), an active ingredient that has previously been used to treat burn victims and ulcers.

Senté Dermal Repair Cream is a scientific breakthrough that replenishes the naturally occurring HS in skin that is lost over time. The cream penetrates deeply into the skin, creating new cell turnover and binding onto the growth factors responsible for making new skin. New cells mean fewer fine lines, wrinkles and improved texture and firmness.

While Senté is especially popular with women 35-55, many men are also fans because it is fragrance free and makes a great aftershave—no sting and gets rid of redness immediately. Doctors have also found Senté to be an excellent product to be used after surgery as it both gentle and effective.

I found Senté to be very easy to use and loved that it really is fragrance free and doesn't leave a residue that makes it difficult to apply other products over it. After application, the Senté immediately disappears without a trace so that there's no need to wait before adding your SPF, moisturizer or makeup—making your morning routine just that much faster.

The luxurious skincare product is available exclusively online at Senté and in doctor's offices across the United States. With 2 day shipping, you can get your product fast and see improvement in things like redness and texture nearly immediately while wrinkles and other signs of aging are reduced after about 30 days of daily use. Available in two sizes" 50mL, $165 and 15mL, $75.

Just in time for summer, Senté will be releasing an SPF 30 with the same active ingredient found in the dermal repair cream. Find out more at http://Senté

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