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Many people think of makeup as a way to add excitement to your look or to help camouflage imperfections that you would rather not see. It is both of these things; if you feel like today is the day for green glitter eyes or black lipstick, makeup can get you both. If your skin has broken out before a big date, makeup can help you smooth out your complexion and feel confident when you meet your Tinder match. Modern makeup is more than just the cherry on top of your look, though; it can help improve and maintain the condition of the skin underneath it too. If you want to look and feel great both with and without makeup, these are the ingredients and products that you should choose when you shop for makeup.

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Priming your skin —creating a smooth base for your face makeup to adhere to all day — is just as important a step in makeup as priming canvas is in art. Primer is the first layer of your face makeup products that comes into contact with your skin, so you should make sure that it will do its job all day and also that what's in it is going to make your skin happy. SPF (sun protection factor) is essential, no matter what skin type you have, so if you can find a primer that features an SPF of 40 or above, your older self will thank you (and have flawless skin to boot). If that SPF is a mineral one, your skin will be even happier! Active ingredients in mineral sunscreen are things like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which work by coating your skin and creating a barrier that reflects UV rays. Keeping those rays at bay means decreased signs of premature aging and minimized hyperpigmentation from sun damage.

Liquid Foundation

The next step in your makeup routine will be the foundation. This is applied to the skin to smooth and even out skin texture and color and begin to camouflage dark marks, discoloration, or blemishes. Since this foundation is going to be coating your whole face and coming into contact with potentially open pores, you should choose something that's going to feed your skin with goodness. Niacinamide is an excellent ingredient to coat your skin all day because it works to even out your skin tone and helps lessen the appearance of wrinkles. If you can get a foundation that has both niacinamide and lotus extract, you’ll also be balancing the production of sebum (oil) and also improving your skin’s elasticity long term. Who doesn’t want dewy, smooth, wrinkle-free skin?

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Powder Foundation

If a liquid foundation just isn't for you, the powder is an excellent option to choose. You apply a powder foundation the same way you would a setting powder, but with a slightly heavier hand. Powder foundation is slightly easier to build, so you can moderate the level of coverage you have on your skin from day to day. The same rules apply for powder foundation as apply for liquid: you want good stuff close to your skin! Hyaluronic acid has become something of a beauty buzzword these days and for a good reason. Its ability to absorb and hold a far larger amount of moisture in the skin than almost any other ingredient has not been overstated, so if your foundation includes HA, you’ll never need to worry about dryness. Vitamin E contains antioxidants that help to protect your skin from environmental damage and will work hand in hand with HA to absorb and hold moisture in the skin.


A concealer will have a slightly thicker consistency than your foundation because it is for more concentrated use to help blur and minimize redness, dark circles, or blemishes. The key here is to apply sparingly, build if you need to, and blend well so that the color evenly smooths into your foundation. Since concealer often goes over delicate skin, like that on your neck or under your eyes, the ingredients in it should protect your skin from harm. Avocado oil contains a number of things that fit the bill: the lecithin, vitamins A, D, and E, and proteins found in this rich oil all work together to increase your collagen levels and keep your skin safe from sun damage. If you have problems with inflammation that you need to camouflage, get yourself a concealer that includes green tea. This is the ideal way to soothe and minimize any redness or swelling on your skin.

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Blush and Highlighter

These two products will both go onto your foundation-covered and concealed skin. One will add a little color to your cheeks, and the other will make the higher areas of your face, like cheekbones and cupid’s bow, stand out even more to improve your face shape. You want something that will slide on and blend easily but stay put when you’re at work or out on the town. Look for ingredients like Candellia, which will help products to smooth on easily. This wax is absorbed far more easily than beeswax so it won't leave any unattractive sheen on your skin. It also helps to both moisturize and hydrate the skin and minimize wrinkles, so you’ll be smooth and glowing whenever you wear it.

Wrap Up

Choose makeup products that enhance your natural beauty not only aesthetically but physically as well. The ingredients we’ve talked about today will keep your skin glowy, smooth, and fresh whether you’re wearing makeup or not — and who wouldn't want that?

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